Daily Archives: February 20, 2018

Why Celebrities Are All About HydraFacials

Hollywood celebrities have become a bit more beautiful lately thanks to a ground breaking facial treatment – HydraFacial. This unique treatment offers deep cleansing, exfoliation and hydration, all in a period of about 30 minutes and without any discomfort or downtime. Is that really possible? According to the testimonies of stars like BeyoncĂ©, Kate Winslet and Amy Poehler, it is ...

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A Less Expensive Option to Overpriced Alkaline Water Filters

I’ve observed recently that many details are being released concerning the health advantages of alkaline consuming water. A lot of companies have started to advertise alkaline water filters as part of their line-up because of the things they describe as the “miraculous effects” that they’ll dress in you. Alkaline consuming water is purported to help individuals with weight reduction, detoxing, ...

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