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Domestic violence is a cruel face of our civilized society. Whatever be the reason, any kind of violence with your partner or family member is unacceptable. October is being observed as a Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the ...
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Everybody loves this time of year when the holidays are approaching, but preparing and paying for holidays can be a bit of a daunting task. This is why it’s important to figure out your perfect holiday process to ...
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Most parents would like their children to grow up into healthy adults who make positive choices for themselves.  What a lot of moms and dads don’t realize, however, is that healthy adults start as healthy children.  By educating ...
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When many people think of the ideal home, the term “white picket fence” comes to mind. But for many homes, there’s no fence to speak of, let alone a white picket fence. So if this is something that ...
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