3 Ways To Maximize Comfort In Your Cramped Condo

Condos are a wonderful style of dwelling for many people, however, with more and more condos being developed each and every day, the size of unit seems to be dwindling rapidly. Although individuals can find beautiful lodging for a price significantly lower than most full-sized houses, there are many spatial problems that larger families simply cannot adapt to. Not only that, it is often difficult to find good looking and high-quality furniture pieces that fit smaller space, causing many pieces to make the rooms look and feel cramped. Luckily, there are specific stores that offer pieces and sets designed to fit in smaller places.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, it is imperative to take action and upgrade your dwelling by overhauling your décor and furnishings; first and foremost, you ought to be thinking about getting new condo furniture that is proportionally appropriate for your unit – this means considering the various ways you can maximize your comfort and organization even within the confines a cramped condo. It is crucial to find furnishings that make the most out of your living spaces without being too bulky or uncomfortable in their functionality.

  Think Outside The Box

If possible, people living in condos should consider shopping at high-end stores that offer custom shopping selections. There are places that sell sofas and chairs with unique arms, legs, and even backs, all of which are removable for easy transportation and rearrangement of the piece. This is ideal when your living room is large enough for a full-sized sofa, but the path to get it in your unit is narrow or otherwise difficult. Additionally, consider alternate seating arrangements for a chic look that takes up less space. For instance, you can free up a great deal of legroom by placing two larger theater style recliners side by side or simply using a love seat instead of a longer sofa. Intimate chair groupings are another stylish option for rooms that are spatially-limited.

Buy Only High-Quality Furniture

Unfortunately, many individuals looking to furnish a condo settle for cheaper items because versatile, low-quality Ikea-like pieces are all that seem to fit. Try shopping online instead for your smaller sized seating, beds or tables. There are phenomenal online stores that offer finer crafted new condo furniture at lower prices. Some have smaller pieces, and shoppers may find clearance items. Smaller environments look tacky if decorated with cheap things. A better-made sofa or chairs tends to bring elegance and class into a room. Shop around for bargains, and choose luxuriously cushioned pieces with finer fabrics or genuine soft leathers.

Consider A Sofa Bed

Condo dwellers are often frustrated with their lack of bed space. If you find yourself in a similar rut, try purchasing a sofa bed made specifically smaller living spaces; there’s even the option of a murphy bed, which folds into the wall when not in use, allowing for exceptional versatility. These tend to come with more mattress size options, so people can select smaller twin or full-sized mattresses. Modern sofa beds, moreover, are no longer equipped with uncomfortable mattresses – because of the advent of foldable foam mattresses, back problems are no longer an issue. Some models even make use of eco-friendly materials. Indeed, if space is an issue, new furniture can easily provide extra space without the hassle of undertaking a home renovation or, in more severe cases, moving.