5 Tips For Planning For Your Baby’s Delivery

5 Tips For Planning For Your Baby’s Delivery

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The excitement building up to giving birth to your baby is something which can bring on feelings of positive anticipation as well as nervous worrying.  Since you want to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, making sure that you’ve got everything prepared is crucial.

Even though it may seem like nine months is plenty of time to plan, often the time can slip by faster than you think.  Suddenly you’re left with only a few weeks before your due date, yet you’re not prepared at all.

Rather than scrambling at the last moment in a panic, follow these tips for planning for a smooth delivery.

Choose a Doctor You Trust

It’s important to be very selective about who you choose as your doctor.  Since you’re putting you and your baby’s life in their hands, it’s essential to have the peace of mind knowing that they won’t make dangerous mistakes.

Birth is something which isn’t only risky, but it’s a very intimate and personal experience.  You want a doctor who respects your wishes and makes your comfort a priority.

Doctors who see delivering babies as a nine to five job they clock in and out of with little concern for the patient aren’t going to give you the best experience.

Pack a Hospital Bag

Since you never know when you may go into labor, you should plan ahead for your hospital visit by packing a hospital bag.  Make sure that it’s full of everything that you may need for several days.

From nursing pads for leaking to extra socks, pack everything that you can possibly think you may need.  You’re better off over-packing, so you don’t have to worry about sending someone home from the hospital to fetch something you need.


Take Birthing Classes

It’s advantageous to take birthing classes before the middle of your third trimester.  By learning breathing techniques and coping exercises, you’ll be better equipped for the day that your water breaks.

Whether you decided to have an epidural or not, you will still experience intense cramping beforehand.  Learning the best ways to manage them ahead of time will increase your chances of things going smoother.

Be Assertive About Your Needs

A lot of parents create a birth plan for how they’d like their births to pan out. However, they don’t always end up panning out how they would have liked them to.

Rather than allowing yourself to be intimidated by the nurses and doctors, don’t be afraid to be assertive about following through with your birth plan.  Just be sure to remain respectful for their expertise, as they may need to make crucial decisions for the good of the baby.  In that case, you will need to remain flexible about straying from the original plan.

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