5 ways to keep yourself in good health during your pregnancy

5 ways to keep yourself in good health during your pregnancy

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The monsoon season brings many infections and opportunities for illness. Protect yourself and your unborn child with easy pregnancy tips for personal care.

So, you’re pregnant with your first baby – congratulations! Your dream to become a mother is finally going to come true, and you can hardly wait to meet your beautiful little baby and hold it in your arms.

But meanwhile, you are assailed by a barrage of advice and pregnancy tips that you can’t make sense of. While an elderly relative tells you to eat for two, your dietician warns you against overeating. A friend tells you that shouldn’t move about at all, while a popular fitness expert advises you to do yoga every day. Cut through the faff – here are some practical pregnancy tips to keep yourself and your home safe this season.

* Pay attention to any sniffles and coughs.

The monsoon season heralds an abrupt change in weather – the balmy summer gives way to cool, wet days with grey skies. Though the dust settles down quite a lot, there are several germs and infectious bacteria floating in the air. You or a family member might come down with a cold or cough during this time. Take your doctor’s advice before taking any cold medication, and stay away from those who have the sniffles. It is said that the mother’s illness may affect the foetus, so you must take care to get back on your feet with minimal medication. Drink lots of chamomile tea or green tea to gently remove the toxins from your body, and don’t be in contact with cold water. This means drying your feet the moment you are home and cleaning the rainy muck off with antibacterial soap.

* Wash your hands often with antiseptic soap.

A big pregnancy tip and important precaution to take during this time is to keep your hands clean and free from infectious germs. The fastest way to get a cold or flu during this season is to inadvertently touch surfaces or substances contaminated with cold germs, and to touch them to your eyes, nose or mouth. Since you cannot vouch for the cleanliness of the various surfaces you may touch during the day, it is better to keep your hands sanitised instead. Wash your hands at least once every two hours with a good antibacterial soap like Dettol. This way, any lurking germs will be killed before they enter your system. A good practice to follow is to wash your hands when you return home from outside, after you visit the washroom, before and after handling food materials, cooking, cleaning the house, etc.

* Take care to check that the house is fumigated and pest-free.

The monsoon season brings with it a variety of pests in the form of ants and houseflies. These pests are attracted to the damp, moist conditions inside your house and seek refuge in various corners. They also contaminate exposed food and make you vulnerable to illnesses and germs. When you see any pests in the house, from flies to mosquitoes, take care to carry out a thorough fumigation. You might consider leaving the house at this stage so as to not inhale any of the chemical fumes. Meanwhile, invest in a dehumidifier or switch on the AC at short periods during the day to reduce the humidity in the internal air. The drier the air, the less the occurrence of pests.

* Stay away from harsh soaps and cleaning materials.

You must be doubly careful during your pregnancy to ensure that you don’t develop any skin or respiratory allergies – treating these is not possible with the normal course of action, since you are carrying a baby. Instead of harsh chemical soaps, invest in a mild bathing liquid soap that also provides antibacterial action to remove germs from your skin. When cleaning the kitchen for the day, use antibacterial wipes instead of harsh detergents and acids. The antibacterial wipe provides a germ-free, pest-repellent surface that does not need a separate rinse – just wipe and forget about it.

* Rest adequately.

As your pregnancy progresses, your baby will grow in size and weight. You will literally feel the burden of the process, but here’s a good pregnancy tips that nobody may have given you: it’s normal to feel emotional, overwhelmed and frightened as the D-day comes closer. Your body is experiencing a surge of hormones which makes your mood fluctuate often, and you will also feel impatience to meet your precious little bundle of joy. As the days pass, take care to exercise moderately, read light books and listen to calming music. Meditation will take the edge off your temper, and sleeping as much as you can will have you well rested and in fine fettle for the birth.

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