7 Pro Tips For Becoming A Successful Personal Fitness Instructor!

7 Pro Tips For Becoming A Successful Personal Fitness Instructor!

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A career in fitness can be extremely rewarding. Thanks to the sudden change in health trends, more people want to hire personal fitness instructors. It is one of those jobs that demands you to be fit and in form, because you need to be in shape to inspire others. In this post, we have enlisted 7 amazing tips that will come handy if you are a fitness enthusiast and want to become a personal fitness instructor or trainer.

  1. Get trained. Your training is the most important part of becoming a fitness trainer, and you don’t want to rush in that. Depending on your location, choose a course and training institute that fits your schedule and expectations. Options like Origym have quite a few flexible choices in courses, so you can learn at your own pace. Check the contents of the course, which should have a mix of practical and theory lessons/segments.

  1. Relate to your clients. Every client is different, and as a fitness instructor, you have to be related to each individual in a different way. Try to understand their fitness goals, so that you can lead them. Building the bond is important, because unless you are able to inspire your client, you won’t be able to achieve the expected results.
  2. Be stern but friendly. Fitness instructors must motivate their clients. You should be open to their concern and problems, and you have to be friendly enough, so that they can share their thoughts openly. However, being stern is extremely important too. You need to push them, and at times, it may mean being a lot blunter with your words. Be careful of not hurting sentiment though.
  3. Stick to the school pattern. Some people believe that hiring a fitness instructor is all about getting trained thrice a week. If you are dealing with obese clients or have to push someone who is otherwise lazy, it is wise to give homework. Follow the school pattern, where you teach a few things and ask the other person to follow the rest.

  1. Work with smaller goals. Clients are just interested in seeing results, and if they don’t achieve what they want, they won’t mince their words to say the truth. You might get replaced in no time. If you are just starting out, you wouldn’t want to lose clients. To avoid that, start with smaller goals, which are easy to achieve. That way, your clients won’t feel cheated either.
  2. Consider your priorities. If you are taking up personal training jobs out of your passion for fitness, you need to know how many hours you can dedicate each week. Don’t take up too many clients all at once. Start with a couple or may be three or four clients a month, so that you can focus on other things and your regular job.

  1. Focus on starting a business. For those who want to make money, it is wise to start a brand. You may not have the space to start a gym right away, but you can always name your company and create a logo. Wear the tees of your brand, and if possible, try to sell them to people you know. You may even gift a few novelties for good gesture, which will help in promoting your company.

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