7 Ways To Incorporate Your Children Into Your Wedding

7 Ways To Incorporate Your Children Into Your Wedding

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The minute that your partner puts a ring around your finger and asks for your hand in marriage, you already start imagining your wedding.   If you already have kids together, then you’ll most likely want them to be a part of your ceremony.

Your kids taking part in your special day isn’t only essential for you, but also them.  If you’re looking for ways to incorporate them into the wedding day, here are some fantastic ideas.

DIY and Crafts

Your wedding is the perfect chance for doing a creative activity with your children. Kids love arts and crafts, so them giving you a hand with some simple DIY decorations is a great way to make them feel valued.

From adding some creative flair to your invitations to making flower arrangements, there are all sorts of ways that they can help.

Take Them Along To Your Appointments

Taking your kids along to show that you value their opinion during the process makes them feel useful.  Don’t be afraid to let them tag along for meetings with your florist, or getting fitted for dresses.

Do you have a cake tasting appointment?  Kids love cake! Take them along to let them try some delicious treats and help you make your decision on the best flavor.

Give Them Their Own “Ring”

Involving your children in the ceremony by giving them a ring of their own will make them feel special.  Not only is it a fun way to involve them, but it’s something that they’ll keep and cherish forever.

Let Them Take Photos

Sure, you’re planning on having a professional photographer, however, giving kids a camera and letting them take photos of their own can be incredibly adorable.

It gives them a special role to play which will keep them busy and charming your guests.  It will also be fun in years to come to see the wedding through their eyes.

 Include Them in The Ceremony

Let your children be a part of your ceremony by doing something which fits with your particular set of beliefs.  Perhaps it could be lighting a candle or being a part of the vows.  Decide on a way as a family that will integrate nicely into the process.

Walking You Down The Aisle

Although traditionally it’s the bride’s father who walks her down the aisle, there’s no official rulebook.  You can take creative control over your own wedding and have whoever you want to walk you down the aisle.

This could be a fantastic role for families with children from previous marriages.  It’s symbolic for walking into the unity together as a team.

Performing at The Reception

If you have a musically gifted kiddo, why not hand them the microphone after the wedding ceremony?  If they play an instrument, they could jam with the band, or even perform a dance for everyone.

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