A Helpful Guide for Seniors Moving to an Assisted Living Community

A Helpful Guide for Seniors Moving to an Assisted Living Community

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When you plan a move, there are many things to keep in mind such as packing all the belongings that go with you, booking a moving company and unpacking and setting up things in the new place. For a number of older adults, a move to one of the assisted living facilities out there requires them to give up some of their things so that they will fit the smaller place. The guide below will help seniors make their move to an assisted living community a less stressful one.

What to Stay and what to Go

To make moving easier, it is important to determine how much room can accommodate their things. Remember that while some things are precious enough not to let go, there may not be enough space to accommodate them in the new living environment. Generally, the items that should go with the move include:

  • Clothing. You can bring along your comfortable and seasonable clothing, formal outfits that you can wear for special occasions, shoes and slippers, jackets, underwear and socks.
  • Home furnishings and furniture. These items include small sofa, end tables, television, table lamp, bedding, framed photos, keepsakes and kitchenware.
  • Necessities. Don’t forget your bathroom stuff, clothes hangers, prescription medicines, alarm clock, assistive devices, cleaning wipes and favorite books.

Determine the kind of items the community will give before you start packing. This lets you eliminate the provided items in your list. Also, although it is necessary to make a home-like environment, avoid over-packing your keepsakes since they can clutter up your new space.

Adopting to the New Way of Life in the Assisted Living Community

Once you start settling in the community, you may feel intimidated temporarily. You are likely to feel that you are no longer as independent as you used to be. But make sure you ask questions if you have any to be sure about things. Also, engage in social activities to begin establishing relationships with other residents. While your move to the community is a major life change, being open-minded and adopting the new way of life will help in promoting independence.

Also, make sure you ask your family members to continue to keep in touch with you. While you want to have some time to adjust to the new space, you will want to feel that you have your major source of support and care from the people you love. Recognize that your move is for the best interests of all people involved.

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