Art Activities Parents Can Do with Kids

Art Activities Parents Can Do with Kids

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There are many artistic activities and crafts that parents can do with their children. Art is a creative way of self-expression. These activities can help keep them busy all while learning new things that they can enjoy. Whether your child loves drawing, painting, stamping, or making collages, art projects will be perfect to nurture his or her creativity and fire his imagination. Forget about expensive materials that you can only buy in a craft store. There are plenty of projects that you can make just with the things found at home.

Simple and Kid-friendly Art Projects

  1. Photo books or Picture Albums

Every captured moment is a treasured memory, so don’t let them sit in your hard drive where they can easily be forgotten. These should be cherished and celebrated. Creating a photobook is a great way. You can look for the best site for photo books that offers numerous styles and designs for every photo book, for every occasion. From sizes, to the type of paper, to themes, you can customize your photobook the way you want to. While you’re free to buy custom photo books online, making a more personalized photo album or photo scrapbook with your kid is also something that you both can enjoy.

A fold-up accordion is one way to hold the memories of an occasion. You can keep it folded like a pocket book or hang it on the wall. Then, you can try looking at it again in the future to relive the memories or show them to house guests. Making your own comic book to create a funny story out of the pictures is one creative way to go about it.

  1. Crafting

This is a popular project with kids. The things found at home are the most common materials used, like egg cartons and cardboard tubes from tissue paper. Ask your kid to paint these materials with different colors. Then you can easily cut them out to form different patterns like flowers, butterflies, and bugs. These can make eco-friendly decorations.

Popsicle sticks are also popular with crafting. Using it with other materials like clothespin, you and your kid can create many projects with them. You can make train tracks, airplane clip, barn and different animal patterns.

  1. Painting, drawing and stamping

Coloring books are a part of every child’s growth. As they grow older, they can also enjoy drawing and painting. Nurture their interest in painting and drawing by letting them use different materials like wax color and water color, have them paint anything on a blank paper. You might be surprised of the outcome. Do not mind the mess, though. You can also encourage their painting skills by making them paint designs on some scrapbooks or other decorative projects at home.

Stamping is another way to use coloring materials. Your kid will dip a pattern in a paint then stamp it on a paper repeatedly to create artwork. It’s very easy yet fun for kids to make. Parents can use different materials at home to use as a stamp like ref magnets or even your kid’s tiny hands. A fingerprint artwork is something colorful to hang on a wall.

Kids need not be geniuses to create beautiful art projects. And kids’ art projects need not require expensive materials to be special and beautiful. Sometimes all you need is a kid’s creativity and his limitless energy to create an art project that can be his little masterpiece. Help them develop those artsy skills and turn that empty wall into a wall of art.

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