Best steroids for running

Steroids are associated with weightlifting, bodybuilding and weight loss. If you think about athletes and runners, you might want to know what steroids are best for them. This depends according to the goals and the distance they take to run. The steroids people buy for increasing speed is usually different from the endurance drugs. We will give you some details below so that you know what to choose and what not to. The steroids used for running has not been evaluated through science or with safety. Not that the usage of steroids has been banned by most competitive environments like WADA, IAAF and Olympics.

Steroids for Running

In the history of steroid usage, many runners like Marion Jones and Ben Johnson were caught. Sadly, this spread the wrong message to the public about steroid use. You don’t need to use steroids for speed and endurance in running. The faster speed for sprinters can be attained with training programs and right diet. Steroid can bring many risks if abused by the people. People abuse the use of drugs and go beyond the medical recommendations, because it is not evaluated by the practitioners of science. However, some steroids still taken by runners include:

  1. Winstrol – Winstrol was used Ben Johnson for getting a better speed. This helps lose weight or adds strength without adding weight.
  2. Anavar and Halotestin – both the drugs are used for giving amazing benefits to the runners. Halotestin must not be used by women for virilization issues.
  3. Deca Durabolin – it adds red blood cell count, energy and is good for healing joint pain.
  4. Trenbolone – it is used by athletes to increase strength but must not be used by women.
  5. Dianabol – it is used for adding muscle mass but is highly toxic to your liver and so not recommended for women.
  6. Anadrol – it is a steroid used for strength but is not the best one for speed due to the amount of bulk that you get.

The drug works by adding protein synthesis, increases red blood cells count and improves oxygenation. Runners also take Recombinant Human Erythropoietin (rhEPO) that is not a steroid but it does increase the red blood cell count and oxygenation of blood.

Steroids to improve speed in runners

Top sprinters of all time have been accused of wrongly using steroids. Some names were known up until 2013. Winstrol is commonly used by them as it helps them have more strength, speed and recovery. The drug also has a short half life and is less in terms of androgen. Anavar is also common for athletes and runners, and women are keener to using it. The drug is mild but can give you side effects when you don’t follow a proper routine.

Runners shouldn’t consume steroids due to health consequences. People not competing will not like to use steroids as they could get caught by the anti-doping agencies and get their reputation tarnished. To get faster speed for sprinters it is common to try out supplements that work like steroids or use boosters that can help. You might also like to use the drugs mentioned above, but make sure you’re safe both physically and legally.