Canal Boat Hire around the Fenland Waterways

March Marina is found on the borders from the village, once a tropical floating among the marshy fens, now an industry village found on the River Nene. The forest banks are lined with pretty thatched cottages and reeds with scenic views.

While you depart March and mind south you’ll pass St. Wendreda’s Church, named following the Saxon Princess, the church is renowned for its roof that has 120 angel carvings. Cruising to Peterborough is definitely achievable inside a saturday and sunday taking 6 hrs to achieve, passing the historic capital of scotland- Whittlesey and thru marshy waterways. Ferry Meadows Country Park can also be on the waters, with a number of activities available for example horseback riding, walking, windsurfing and sailing. The park is a perfect mooring point for the family prior to making the right path to Peterborough.

Peterborough hosts a wealthy heritage in addition to a wide variety of retailers and dining possibilities. Inside a saturday and sunday you can decide to spend your day off your hire boat and explore the town by feet. Possibly browsing the neighborhood boutiques or visiting Cathedral Square within the city center for alfresco dining with lots of street entertainment. An accumulation of unique sculptures could be visible in the water or closer inspected by feet, they’re frequently situated in regions of pure beauty for example Thorpe Meadows, Lynch Wood or Burghley House.

Ely Marina is found on the River Great Ouse within easy achieve from the town center, once the place to find historic leader Oliver Cromwell. The towering Ely Cathedral, known in your area because the Ship from the Fens, is seen wide and round the flat countryside of East Anglia. Out of this marina you are able to leisurely cruise south in your canal boat hire and merge to the River Cam to drift into Cambridge inside a saturday and sunday, taking roughly six – seven hrs cruising.

Float lower to Cambridge past Wicken Fens and also the Nature Reserves, where there’s an abundance of items to experience of the town Center. Regardless if you are searching to see the heritage of Cambridge, the nightlife entertainment through theatre performances or one of the numerous bars, or maybe you’d like to a proper walk look around the local scenery. There is really something for everybody to see having a wide variety of retailers to browse or restaurants and pubs to dine in. The Town also provides water enthusiasts the chance to consider towards the River in slightly less orthodox type of vessel, sailing lower the marshy flatlands inside a wooden Punt.

For just one week plus holidays from Ely, why don’t you cruise past Huntingdon and St Neots and go towards the cultural capital of scotland- Bedford in which the navigations finish. This really is achievable per week with roughly 6 – 7 hrs each day. You will find many villages hidden lower country lanes across the River, each using their own historic significance.