Check These 5 Things before Hiring a Chimney Service Company

Check These 5 Things before Hiring a Chimney Service Company

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The chimney of your house is extremely important and must be checked for possible issues and repairs, at least once in every six months. Sadly, most homeowners don’t pay attention to this, unless there is a major issue. A non-functional chimney can cause major issues with the home environment, which can lead to a number of health problems. Thankfully, there are a few good services that deal with chimney issues in a professional way. If you are looking for a chimney service company, here are the things you need to check.

  1. First things first, you need to check if the company is licensed and insured. Sometimes, chimney repair workers cause further damage to the roof and the house, which can add to your liabilities. With an insured service, you can be assured of good work. Also, it’s wise to check if the service has all the essential certifications that are important for the industry.
  2. What kind of services does the company offer? Some just deal with basic repairs, while others also take inspection and maintenance contracts along with jobs such as chimney sweeps, fireplace repairs, chimney liners, oil furnace sweeps and leaking chimneys. The range of services can differ with every company, but it’s best to choose one that can do it all.
  3. The third thing that needs attention is the quote. Typically, when you call a service, the company will send their experts and workers to check the situation. Depending on the work, they will offer a quote, which will include all the costs and charges, besides other things like taxes. Be careful about comparing quotes. It is always best to choose and experience company over a new one.
  4. Next, you must check the response time of the company. If the chimney is not working, you might need immediate assistance to avoid further issues, and in such emergencies, the concerned service must offer instantaneous attention and assistance.
  5. Finally, it’s best to check the market reputation of the concerned service. You can ask your friends and family about the services they have used, or else, you can directly ask a few companies to offer client references. You can also check their website to find client feedback and reviews. A good chimney service will never shy away from discussing their work methods, company background and pricing policies.

Check online to find a reliable service now, and don’t shy away from asking service related queries!




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