Choosing the Right Fabric For Your Couch

Choosing the Right Fabric For Your Couch

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Basically, there are two simple classifications of fibers you can choose for your upholstery: natural and synthetic. These two Sofa cum bed classifications, of course, can break down into yet more sub-categories.


Obviously, “natural fibers” are materials sourced directly from nature (and then processed or treated, of course). They included both plant and animal elements and can include:

  • cotton—among the most common fabric threads in the world today, cotton, of course, is a platn fiber that is durable and variable. You can dye it, wrinkle it, soak it, stretch it, and more
  • leather—among the most common animal-based fabrics, leather is easily one of the most durable—and, yet, sophisticated materials still in use today. It is also quite strong and can stand great wear and tear while still being pretty easy to keep clean as well
  • linen—elegant at a glance, this plant-based fabric is both airy thick. It is not, however, all that durable
  • silk—delicate and soft, silk is among the most fragile materials in the world. It stains easily and is hard to clean, so this animal-waste product (I know, right?) is best saved for specialty items
  • wool—among the most durable fabrics in use today, wool is made from sheep hair. It is quite resistant to staining, fading, pilling, and wrinkling


Obviously, these are opposite of natural fibers, meaning that the are man-made (though some are made from manufactured natural materials), and can include:

  • acrylic—basically, this is “imitation wool” that is quite resistant to fading, wrinkling, soiling, and basic wear and tear
  • polyester—durable but flexible, it is often blended with other fabrics (like cotton) in everyday items
  • nylon—one of the few that is resistant to staining, nylon is considered among the strongest upholstery fabrics

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