Classic Floral Presentations: Choosing a Tribute

Classic Floral Presentations: Choosing a Tribute

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Funerals are a difficult time for most people. When you are in charge of the entire affair, stress can be added to the grieving. Arrangements for a service and burial involve more details than many people realise. Announcements to guest must be made, burial space chosen, and the service organised. Flowers are an expectation for many areas of the service and burial. Tributes that go over caskets are often chosen very carefully, as there is a lot of meaning behind them. There are a few options for these special arrangements.

Simple Can Be Beautiful

Sometimes when people are grieving, they have a hard time picking out a floral arrangement. They often feel that they are not doing enough if they order something basic. You do not need to order the most expensive or elaborate arrangement for it to be beautiful. Simple arrangements can be meaningful, as well. Many inexpensive flowers can be used to make the piece larger. Classic items such as baby breath flowers and greenery, keep the tribute full, but neat. There are many options for traditional floral tributes in Cambridge.

Add Some Colour

Many people think that the subdued atmosphere at a funeral should be respected with white or very light coloured flowers. Colour, however, can enhance ceremonies that want to focus on a celebration of life. You can easily add a slight touch of colour to a white bouquet with a few roses. These are still formal and classic. There may also be times when a person plans their own funeral during their lifetime. They may choose something more noticeable and suited to their particular taste. Modern funerals are more about celebrating the life of the deceased with loved ones. This often calls for some colour.

Consider the Personality

The personality of the deceased can also be considered when choosing an arrangement. If you know their favourite flower, add it to the tribute. You can also add flowers that present their favourite colour or season of the year. An artistic person may be best represented with something non-traditional and creative. A bouquet consisting of wildflowers may be nice for a person that loved the outdoors. Perhaps the individual always had a certain flower growing in their yard that can be incorporated, as well. There are many options available to make the tribute personal.

Flower arrangements for funerals can be difficult to choose when you have a lot on your mind. A local florist can help you find the right one to represent your loved one. There are many options available for many personality types. You can choose an arrangement that is traditional, colourful, or personalised. Try to realise that it is the thought you put into the choice that is important, not the elaborateness or expense.

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