Common Mistakes People Make While Applying Eye Cream

Common Mistakes People Make While Applying Eye Cream

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The main purpose behind application of makeup is to look and feel younger and more attractive. Unfortunately, wrong application of makeup products does a lot of harm than good. Skin, especially eyes are very delicate part of your body that when not treated properly can damage your personality. Eye cream is one of those makeup products that need a lot of care during application.

Apply only light pressure

Correct application of eye cream dramatically impacts your skin. Experts believe that one should apply just a little pressure when applying any lotion under the eyes. The correct method of application is to begin with inner region of eyebrows and move on to the whole region around the eyes.

This will give you a nice coverage to the skin on upper, below and side of the eye region. It will also help in removing wrinkles, darkness, sagging and crow’s feet that results due to aging. It is advised to apply lotion using the fourth finger on the skin surrounding your eyes.

Use Sunscreen

Most of the people forget to apply sunscreen before applying eye lotion. This makes them look worn out or tired. Regular application of sunscreen also helps in safeguarding skin against the damaging sun rays. It is also important to maintain a younger look.

Use less amount of concealer

Concealer is an instant method to hide fine lines, wrinkles, or skin blemishes. Be careful when you are using a concealer. This is because, on using the wrong color of concealer, it can immediately make you look older. Application of a concealer below your skin in little amounts can give a brightening look in place of lightening appearance.

If the concealer is very heavy, then it gives a more recharged and wakeful appearance. Make sure that the concealer you apply, matches to the color of the skin, and gives it a natural look.

Excessive use of powder

Powder helps in setting your makeup, contouring and removing shine from the face. Excess use of the powder help in settling on the fine lines and intensify wrinkles. Skin experts recommend an oil control solution which can be an oil free foundation and a balancing moisturizer. This is remarkable in hiding all types of imperfections on the skin.


There is a skill which one should need to know at the time of application of makeup. Use of right techniques would help you get the best results from your make up product.

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