Cycling in a Group: How to Get the Best Experience

Cycling in a Group: How to Get the Best Experience

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Cycling with a group of people has its advantages and when cyclists come together, it is always best to work as a pack. Cyclists who sit in the bunch make use of less energy, letting everybody move quickly. As riders do their run in close proximity, they have to keep their mental sharpness. The pointers below can help cyclists keep the harmony in their pack.

Adopt your Desired Formation

A group of cyclists can adopt various formations as long as they know what to expect. All members must clearly know how a formation works and pay attention to those who are not sticking to it. This ensures the formation is achieved and prevents a possible accident. Common cycling formations include:

  • Chain gang – This formation is helpful in the wind and shortens the group’s length.
  • Paceline. In this formation, the riders ride on a long line.
  • Echelon. Typically, this formation is used if crosswinds threaten cyclists. In this formation, riders form a diagonal line.

How to Keep Everyone Together

Ride in a pack is fun and riders enjoy the feeling of drafting away from the wind. However, to keep everyone safe, it is important for riders to stay alert, maintain constant communication with one another and stick to set rules:

  • Avoid overlapping the wheel of another. Overlapping causes a collision so every rider must pay attention to the position of the rider in front of them. Also, they have to look around before they make a move.

  • Ensure the pace is constant. The group has to stay together so that drafting will work. If a rider that comes to the front of the group and nobody can keep up, the rider will be on his own.
  • Look before moving. Before making any movements, every rider must look around them and communicate their intentions. For more tips on cycling movements, visit
  • Be predictable. A group of cyclists who are in a straight line must stick to it. In case a rider is coming up to a corner, he must ride the corner in the spot around the bend. This is something the next rider expects. Changing one’s mind and making decisions suddenly can lead to chaos behind him. Sometimes, it can be best to use hand signals to try to get heard by other riders in the group.

For more tips on how to effectively ride a bike with a group, cyclists should read daily cycling news or cycling reviews. This information is available online.

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