Dental Problems for Gum Disease and Sensitive Teeth

Dental Problems for Gum Disease and Sensitive Teeth

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Dental problems have become one of the major leading problems in today’s health and hygiene. There are several dental problems people suffering from of all age groups from child to an old even an adult. Basic and general diseases that people suffering from are cavity, sensitivity and gum disease.  Oral hygiene can be maintained by proper brushing twice a day and cleaning your mouth time to time. One should also not eat unhealthy and sugary food that sticks to your teeth as is will lead to dental problems in our mouth.

Gum disease is inflammation in the gum between the teeth and surrounds them. There are 3 stages upon which the gum disease can be classified upon their degree of severity –

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Advanced peridontitis

There are various symptoms by which gum disease can be seen like bleeding in gums when brushing, swollen or red gums, bad breath or bad taste of the mouth, teeth may become loosen, pus formation around the teeth and gums , there will pain while chewing of food. Main root cause of the gum disease is bacteria in plaque, sticky, colorless film that is form on our teeth, and will lead to the gum disease. If the plaque is not removed within time then it will lead to the tartar now it will be removed only by the dental cleaning to remove it. Proper brushing and flossing is to be done to keep the gum disease at bay. Antibacterial toothpaste is beneficial. In severe condition scaling can be done to treat it.

Tooth sensitivity is another major problem now days faced by the people. Sensitive tooth is that gum around the teeth recedes and the teeth become exposed as the enamel layer is there anymore for protection. This will lead to the passage to the nerve center as dentin becomes exposed. So whenever you eat something cold or hot the sensation is directly carried to the nerves with addition to the pain in mouth.

Factors that lead to the Sensitive teeth are

  • Enamel layer of tooth get worn due to hard brushing of tooth.
  • Due to the consumption of the acidic foods and beverages.
  • Leaky filling or teeth that are broken become exposed to the dentin.

For the treatment of sensitive tooth, one should go for soft toothbrush. Along you should consult the Best dental implant surgery in Hyderabad for its treatment. Primarily the affected teeth are treated with special type of the de-sensitizing products to get relief from the symptoms. Toothpaste which contains high fluoride will be best for the treatment. Regular visit to the dentist is needed for two to three months to protect the tooth as this will take time to treat and settle. In extreme cases it is needed to root fill the affected teeth to get cured.

Mouth guard also helps you have to wear it at night only. Changing toothbrush depending upon its condition timely will put and additional effect on it. Root canal treatment in Hyderabad should be performed to get rid of problems.

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