Does Your Hair Really Undergo Changes On Regular Basis?

Does Your Hair Really Undergo Changes On Regular Basis?

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As we age, there is a considerable change in the size and shape of our hair. There are also special changes in every stage of life in a women’s body. These changes may have an effect that may lead to the hair loss in women.

But why do these changes come?

To solve or limit this problem, we first have to know what causes hair loss for women and wht may be the other triggering factors for the same. Many hair stylists and even some doctors have also said that these changes occur due to hormonal changes in a person, especially during pregnancy and menopausal periods.

Although some sudden changes in the hair formation may also be associated with few of the  serious problems, some of which are related to hormones. Due to the disease of the thyroid, hair color can also change. The sudden change in the appearance of the hair indicates the problem of hypothyroidism, especially due to changes in hair. Apart from this, some changes in hair may also be related to HIV infection and chronic malnutrition.

In this article, we are talking about some reasons for hair fall in women. After knowing these problems, you can look for the diagnosis and take care of the hair accordingly. Let’s know:

  1. Protein deficiency

Our hair is made of proteins called carotene. If there is a shortage of this protein in the body at any time, hair starts to fall. So for better hair treatment for women and also hair treatment for men make sure you are giving good amount of proteins to your body.

  1. Thyroid, autoimmune disease

There is an imbalance in the body’s normal procedure, due to thyroid or any other disease, which causes hair loss. Many times more hair loss also indicates that there is something unusual in your body.

  1. Menopause

There is considerable change in men’s body during menopause. During this, the hair loss increases rapidly. In this case, hair is needed to give special treatment.

  1. Anemia

The lack of iron in the body reduces the circulation of oxygen in the blood, which causes blood loss and the hair does not get enough nutrients. If there is too much bleeding (during periods) also there is a bad effect on the hair.

  1. Childbirth

Many women have a problem of hair fall after delivery. This happens because, during pregnancy, the amount of estrogen in the body of the woman increases very much. After delivery, the body becomes normal and cannot cope with this change.

  1. Any serious medical condition

Disease, psoriasis, or any other type of disease, the body processes go wrong and the hair starts to fall. This is normal in psoriasis because it is a type of skin related disease.

The fact is that our hair may change over the period of time but all we need to ensure is that we take care of our hair and live a healthy life.

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