Dry Shampoo is the Hair Hack You’ve Been Looking For

Dry Shampoo is the Hair Hack You’ve Been Looking For

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It’s no secret that you shouldn’t wash your hair too often. While it’s important to wash away the dirt and buildup that accumulates on the hair shafts, washing your hair also strips it of the natural oils that it needs to stay silky and shiny. Washing too frequently can even damage the hair. This is because the outside of each strand of hair is covered in follicles that overlap onto each other like roof tiles. When you wash your hair, these follicles open up. Washing your hair too often can cause these follicles to weaken, which leads to breakage and split ends.

So what do you do when your day 2 hair starts to look greasy, lose body, and maybe not smell as fresh as it could? The answer? Dry Shampoo. It’s been around since the ’70s, but dry shampoos have gained popularity in recent years for being an easy, low-maintenance way to keep hair fresh between washings.

What is Dry Shampoo?

Essentially, dry shampoo is an oil-absorbing powder that absorbs excess grease and dirt without the need to wet your hair. Dry shampoo is great for maintaining the look of the hair between shampooing. It’s also a great time saver when a shampoo simply isn’t practical.

A bit of dry shampoo can refresh hair after a workout, saving time in the locker room. Dry shampoo also acts as a hair deodorizer, and many products like nvenn are scented to leave your hair smelling fresh. It can also replace shampooing in between blowouts, to maintain the “just-styled” look for longer.

As an added bonus, dry shampoo is a great way to camouflage dark roots, meaning you can go a little longer between coloring appointments at the salon. If your hair gets a little stringy or limp by the end of the day. Dry shampoo can lend fullness and texture to hair, and can also help updos stay in place.

Benefits of Dry Shampoo

Time Saver – dry shampoo soaks up grease and leaves the hair with a fresh scent, so hair looks and smells like you just washed it. If you are pressed for time in the morning, it takes five minutes to refresh and style.

It Volumizes – Oil and buildup are heavy, and weigh down the hair. This robs your hair of volume. Clays and silicas give some added body to flat hair, creating instant fullness and body.

Slows Color Fade – Water and shampoo leech dye from hair, washing your hair less often means that your color won’t fade as fast, and you can go longer between touch-up appointments.

Minimizes Damage – If you’re shampooing less often, you’re also blow drying and styling with heat tools less often. This means that you are not exposing your hair to the damaging effects that can result from them. The benefit? Healthier, happier hair.\

Tips for Applying Dry Shampoo

  • When you are applying dry shampoo, you want to use just a small amount to begin. Begin by sprinkling or spraying a small portion onto the roots and gently massaging into the hair. You can always use more if you need it, but you should never put too much of any product into your hair all at once.
  • The dry shampoo may be white at the beginning of the process, but don’t be alarmed. once you have massaged it into the hair and it has begun to absorb the oil, it will quickly become invisible. Nobody will ever know that it’s been 2 (or 3) days since your last shampoo.
  • Dry shampoos are made in a variety of formulas for specific hair textures, colors, and with different goals in mind, so be sure to pick the right one for you. The options are pretty much endless: There are volumizing versions for fine hair, black colored versions for dark hair, and loose hair powders for those who want to opt organic.
  • Don’t touch roots after applying dry shampoo. oils from your skin will transfer to your hair, undoing all of your hard work.

If you have any tips or tricks for using dry shampoo, leave a comment and share them in the section below.

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