Everything to Know About Latex Pillows

Everything to Know About Latex Pillows

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Head, neck, and spine positioning is essential in getting a good night’s sleep and owning a good pillow is the trick in getting it right. When choosing the right pillow, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. For instance, a pillow that’s too high may cause your spine to arch while using a pillow that’s too flat may cause downward curving of your spine. Depending on which position you’re comfortable in sleeping, it’s best to select a pillow that would perfectly support your head as well as your neck throughout the night.

Latex pillows are currently on the rise today. Its popularity is credited to its ability to help relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain while sleeping. Aside from this, latex pillows also have other benefits but before discussing each of them, let’s go back to learning the basics.

What is Latex?

Have you ever wondered how latex pillows are made? Well, natural latex came from rubber trees. Specifically, it is the milky sap that is extracted from the bark of the rubber trees such as Hevea brasiliensis. These rubber trees are native to South America as well as South Asian countries. These trees are tapped into in order to extract their sap. Once the sap is collected these are then processed to make latex mattresses and/or pillows.

The material latex is perfect for pillows because of its durability and for its ability to give support by conforming to the shape of the head. It’s also known for its hypoallergenic property which is a great choice for people with allergies.

There are two methods in which latex pillows are made: the Dunlop, which is the original method, and the Talalay Method. The steps in these methods are similar. The difference is that in the Talalay method, some steps are modified to produce a different type of foam. As a result, the latex that is processed using the Dunlop method typically produces a firmer pillow while the Talalay method creates a softer latex pillow. Basically, the latex is placed into a mold which is then baked in a vulcanizing oven. Once it’s baked, these pillows will then be washed and dried.

Different types of latex are also up for grabs in the market. Natural latex pillows are made of 100% latex. Synthetic latex pillows are made from laboratories where they use petrochemicals to make latex. There are also blended types of latex pillows where it’s made with 70% natural latex and 30% synthetic latex. Companies often continue producing the blended types since it helps in achieving the perfect blend: comfort and support.  The cost of latex pillows varies with each type. Usually, 100% natural latex would cost more than synthetic and blended latex pillows.

Moreover, when you’re looking to find the best latex pillow, it’s better to buy the 100% latex mainly because it’s natural which means that no chemicals were used when it was processed unlike the synthetic ones which tend to give off a gassy or an unpleasant stench which may potentially cause allergic reactions to users.

People can also have a choice of opting for a shredded type of latex pillow or the contoured one. Shredded latex pillows are filled with shredded pieces of rubber that feature a zipper at one end to allow the users to add or remove some pieces of rubber. This is the ideal type of latex pillow for people who often change their sleeping positions at night. The only downside of this type is that it provides the neck with less support. On the other hand, the contoured latex pillow is designed to support the neck while the person sleeps. Its sturdy and contoured design is specifically to support the shape of the head and the neck. Shopping for the perfect contoured latex pillow that would fit your liking would take much time but once you find your perfect fit, it will be worth it.

Benefits of Latex Pillows

Latex pillows aren’t popular for nothing. Although the price of a latex pillow is higher compared to regular ones, it doesn’t amount to the level of comfort you get to enjoy when you use one. Here are the other benefits you would get to experience when you decide to switch from regular pillows to latex pillows:


Latex is perhaps the most widely known pillow that targets the pressure points and relief of the body. Its ability to sink to the user’s head down to the shoulders is what makes it comfortable to use for a good night’s sleep. The elastic property of latex is what allows it to be flexible therefore preventing your beauty rest from being disrupted.

Moreover, latex pillows are also ideal for people who easily get awaken by small sounds. Latex pillows are known to produce no sound when bearing weight.


Latex pillows are known to last for years at a time. Since it is made from the sap of the rubber tree, its elastic property is what makes it a durable material. It can go on for years without losing their original shape and become flat. In fact, latex pillows and mattresses have been known to have high customer satisfaction rates due to their durability. Usually, a latex pillow lasts for at least 10 years. This makes it a better choice than the regular cotton pillows.


Natural latex has also been known to be antimicrobial and mildew resistant. The uninhabitable environment of latex pillows prevents mites from multiplying. This makes it a perfect choice for people who have severe mite or dust allergies. Less exposure to allergens could greatly help in achieving the perfect sleep.

Moreover, people who are sensitive to strong smells should also opt to go for natural latex since synthetic latex pillows tend to release a strong chemical smell which may be a bother to many people.

            Neck Pain Relief

Latex pillows are also known to help in alleviating the pain in the neck or shoulders after a night of uncomfortable sleep. Its ability to accommodate the size and shape of the head helps in keeping the proper alignment of the spine. In fact, studies have shown that latex pillows are 30% more likely to relieve pressure than memory foam pillows. The contours of the latex pillows are able to adjust to the changes of the user’s position giving the proper support that is needed by the neck and shoulders.

            Excellent Air Circulation

Organic latex pillows help in reducing or retaining body heat during warm or cold nights. This is because latex pillows have small holes that allow air to pass through it easily. This pattern in the pillow allows it to be breathable therefore allowing the users to sleep at a comfortable temperature at night.

Although synthetic latex pillows do a fine job in keeping the air circulation, 100% natural latex provide does the best job in dissipating heat and moisture.

            Easy Maintenance

While other pillows might need washing every now and then, latex pillows do not. It doesn’t need to be constantly fluffed for it to go back to its original shape. Spot cleaning using soap and water should only be done to remove dirt on the pillow. It’s important to remember that it should never be washed using a washing machine.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Latex Pillow

Given that latex pillows are manufactured by a lot of companies, a buyer may be overwhelmed with the vast choices of latex pillow that is available on the market. To help narrow the choices, here are some factors that the buyer should consider when shopping for a latex pillow:


First, you have to consider how you’ll be using the latex pillow. Is it for traveling purposes or are you going to be using it for your bed?

If you’re going to use it for the bed, you also have to consider your sleeping position. Do you lie on your stomach or are you a side sleeper? This is important so that you may be able to decide on the proper height of the pillow that you should buy. Doing this would ensure that your head, neck, and shoulders would have a proper support thereby preventing you from waking up with a stiff neck or shoulder pain.


Latex pillows also come in different sizes depending on the size of your bed or your preferences. The dimension of the standard size is roughly 20×26 and it is usually the cheapest when it comes to the price. Queen size pillow is just 2 inches bigger than the standard size and it’s the ideal size for people who find the standard size to be too firm. King sized pillows are longer than the standard pillow by at least 10 inches. They are perfect to use as headrests if you’re watching television or as back support when sitting up in bed. Body size latex pillows are also available and are perfect for people who love snuggling.

In Summary…

Pillows are an important factor in getting a good night’s sleep. And with the facts that have just been presented, there’s no denying that latex pillows are the best type of pillow to use if you’re looking for comfort and proper head support. It is definitely better than regular pillows since it retains its shape for much longer than cotton pillows. Although it may be pricier than other varieties, latex pillows will give you comfort like no other. It will be worth every cent.

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