Few Useful Tips for Designing Your Own Small Closets

In every home, closet is an essential item where you would like to hang all your clothes comfortably. However, most of us keep complaining about not having adequate space in the closet. If you design your closet with little more foresight then it will always remain an organized place and you will never complain about lack of space in your closet. Following few tips can be very handy, if you are trying to design your own closet.

You must add extender rod

Today, you may be having only a few dresses, but there is every chance that you may add few more in the longer run. So, if you add an extender rod even in any small sized closet, you can create additional space for many more dresses. You may have separate rows for shirts, pants, skirts or coats etc. You can place your rod at some distance, so that the whole area will look clean and organized.

Hooks are very important

If rods are not enough for hanging your clothes then you can consider adding few hooks on the wall. These hooks can be conveniently used for hanging your belts, jackets, purses or any other miscellaneous items that you may be able to visualize. You can also place these hooks behind the closet door. You can easily access your small items as soon as you open the door of the closet.

Consider about baskets

Basket or containers inside the closet is very useful where you can keep your ironed clothes that you do not wish to put on the hanger. Certain clothes like woolen ones that you may not require for months can also be placed inside the basket so that the closet interior will not look crowded with dresses. Your clothes will remain well protected inside the basket.

You can also add few organizers

If you visit the website http://www.morethanclosets.com/ then you can get an idea about various organizers that are added inside the closet to make it more user-friendly. They are also available in the market that you can buy and fit inside the closet to create more additional space for keeping your dress material. Also, you can create a space for keeping your shoes in an organized manner.

With all these ideas, you can really design your closet, which will be very useful for you even if you have very small space.