Frequently Asked Questions about Meal Replacement Products

Meal replacement products seem to have taken over all the channels. Whether it is the traditional newspaper or the more contemporary websites, they all boast of ads promoting best meal replacement shakes. Even the Instragram accounts of fitness freaks are packed with photos of such shakes and smoothies. But there are some very basic questions that people ask about these products. Let’s see what they are.

What is a Meal Replacement Shake?

Meal replacement shakes are a concoction of different types of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbs that can be mixed with water or milk and consumed directly. The content combination of the shakes can vary depending on brand and flavour but most shakes do contain proteins. These shakes are supposed to replace a meal of the day be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Are They Filling?

While these shakes are supposed to replace a meal, people have often complained of not feeling full after drinking them. The reasons can be more than one here but the most common ones that are identified are:

  • They are low in calories and often lack fibre which is essential to make anybody feel full after a meal.
  • The process of chewing the food is eliminated which makes the body trigger hunger pangs. In whole foods, the chewing process leads to better taste and digestion which kills hunger.

Do They Contain Fibre?

Many brands have introduced shakes and smoothies that have high fibre content. That is because fibre plays a very critical role in making us feel full and keeping our bowel functions healthy. However, people do complain that the high fibre content does not keep them full for long. The effort that a body has to make to digest the fibre from whole foods is more which keeps us full for longer.

Can Meal Replacement Shakes Help Lose Weight?

Some people have seen sufficient weight loss by replacing their meals with these products. However, they do find it difficult to then maintain that weight loss. People who have experienced weight loss from such products have gained back the lost weight after they returned to the whole food.

Are They Healthy?

A nutritionist will always say that no artificial concoction can be better than real fresh whole food. The meal replacement shakes often contain a lot of synthetic compounds and artificial agents that can cause long term ailments and health problems.