Getting Through the Stress of Trying to Conceive

Getting Through the Stress of Trying to Conceive

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You decided a few months (or years) ago that you were ready to start a family. You’ve gotten the “all clear” from your doctor, started adopting a healthier lifestyle, and, until recently were having a good time trying. Now, after months of trying with no success, you start to worry if having a child is in the cards for you. The stress of it all is beginning to take a toll on your mental well-being and the state of your relationship. Getting through it won’t be easy, but there are ways to reduce stress.

Visit a Fertility Specialists

If you haven’t already been, it is ideal to visit a fertility specialist to discuss your issues with trying to conceive. They can run a series of tests to determine what the cause of your infertility might be. Based on those results, they can advise on lifestyle changes, prescribe medications, and discuss options like IUI, IVF, donors, and surrogates. Knowing what the problem is and having several avenues to overcome those obstacles can help reduce the stress of feeling like you can never have a family of your own.

Know Other Options

If fertility treatments are too expensive, invasive, or not what you’re interested in, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start a family. Do some extensive research on other options like becoming a foster parent or adopting a child. Talking with your local department of social services or an adoption agency about the qualifications to become a foster or adoptive family and how involved the processes allow you to make an informed decision on how you’d like to proceed.

Get Emotional Support

Trying to conceive and not being successful after a long period of time can weigh heavily on you emotionally. The stress of wondering what’s going on with your health, seeing others start families easily, and even coming to the realization that you can’t start a family the traditional way can eat at you. It’s good to have strong emotional support during this process. You can reach out to a therapist or find other couples who are struggling. Talking about your emotions and having an unbiased opinion or firsthand experiences to learn from can really improve your mood.

Practice Self-Care

When you’re going through something emotionally it can be tempting to not want to do anything but sit and sulk in your emotions. Though some downtime and venting are necessary for reducing stress during this challenging time in your life, you cannot forget to care for yourself. Make sure that you’re eating three meals a day, staying active, and maintaining your regular routine. Also, find time to do things you enjoy (alone and as a couple).

Trying to conceive isn’t always as easy as it seems. After a year of trying with no success, the process can weigh heavily on your emotional well-being. If you’ve found yourself in such a situation, know that this does not have to be the end of your journey toward becoming parents. Use the above-mentioned tips to keep your stress levels to a minimum and get educated on the next steps towards starting your family.

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