Great Locations for Your Next Family Reunion

Great Locations for Your Next Family Reunion

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Is your family one that is scattered around the country or even across the globe? More and more today we see that families can no longer have those long summer holidays together or even share a Christmas or birthday dinner, because many members just don’t live that close to their parents. Schools take us out of the state, jobs may take us even further. Whatever the reason for it, this widespread trend to have families scattered may be the reason that family reunions have gained so much popularity in the last decade or two. If you or your family is considering planning to have a family reunion, you just may want to consider these destinations for a great get together that gives all the family members a chance to shine and really enjoy each others company.

A European Getaway

While it may sound counter-intuitive, having a family reunion in a place where few if any of the family have ever visited can be a great place for one. Just imagine having the entire family meet in a beautiful location such as Denmark, a small country with a big heart and lots of beauty to enjoy. You can get some ideas from websites that offer information on marriages in Denmark – even if you are not planning a wedding.

This type of family reunion will allow everyone to explore a new place together, so that no one person is the expert that outshines all other family members. Just be prepared to want to return on your own as you find your own special spots to treasure as well as ones that you all come to love. It is a real bonding moment to explore a new country together.

Hometown Holiday

You can also go in the exact opposite direction and have your family reunion in your hometown where you all grew up. For those that moved frequently when growing up this may be a hard place to pin down, but most families can point to one town or city that is the place they still call “back home.”

If the parents of the family still live in this town this can make it easier for them regarding travel. For truly senior parents who find it hard to fly, this can be an ideal situation. The local park is a perfect place for that grand picnic, and the fact it is low key and inexpensive may make it easier for all the family members to attend. Plus, the memories it can bring for many are worth the extra effort.

The Great Outdoors

Did your family go camping when you were all children? If your family are still all big fans of the great outdoors, you might consider heading out to one of our great National Parks such as Yellowstone for your family reunion.

For young families with kids it may mean tents and for those of us who no longer find sleeping on the ground a treat, campers and RVs are always a good choice. The chance to sit by the fire and tell tall tales once again, hike together through the world of natural beauty and bond again over roasting marshmallows on the fire is a treat most families will love to live again.

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