Greater Opportunities for Sewing Perfectly

Greater Opportunities for Sewing Perfectly

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One of the first dilemmas that one encounters when embarking on sewing is the choice of the machine.The most important thing is to determine what functions you will need. It is not useful to leave on a model too sophisticated if you are not sure that the sewing will please you. But also keep in mind that a cheap machine will not always be a good deal.The ideal is both a machine easy to use and to offer enough opportunities for you to progress.

It is best to go to a speciality store to receive all the information you need to help you make your choice. Do not hesitate to test the machines in the shop. Take an old towel with you and train. At most machine dealers, you can find used sewing machines that are under warranty and overhaul do not hesitate. Better a good used machine than a new machine of poor quality!

One of the first questions you will ask yourself: mechanics or electronics?

At first, it will be mostly a question of budget. If you want to put around 100 $, it will be mechanical, to start it can mostly be enough.But if you are sure of yourself and you can immediately offer an electronic, then enjoy. The electronic machines often allow more intuitive sewing since the machine takes care of the settings for you (many parameters are predefined). They are also a little quieter and often more precise, especially in the regulation of speed.

The graduation of the intervals in the setting of the width, the stitch length is more beautiful. There are some automatic stopping functions, stitches with needle sewn or raised are proposed.Check here our video presentation of a mechanical and electronic machine. For more on this, you can have a look at

Yes, but then, what model, precisely?

The breakpoint

The stitch is the stitch that stops the thread and ends a seam. The sewing machine makes a knot between the bobbin thread and the bobbin thread on the back of the fabric to secure the seams at the start and finish so that the stitches are as healthy as possible and do not discard. You will not need to use the reverse function to start and end your points.

In summary, for the purchase of a first sewing machine, you should at least check that your machine has a right point and the zig-zag point (the two essential points) with if possible the manual adjustment of the length of the machine. Point a free arm and a buttonhole. You can easily do without the rest of the options even if they bring a little more comfort.

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