Here are the Most Common Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Working (and How to Fix It)

Here are the Most Common Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Working (and How to Fix It)

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Winter is coming and whether it’s mild or harsh, it’s a good thing to know that your home is prepared for upcoming months of cold. It is frustrating to discover that your furnace is broken and that you’d probably have to replace it.

This annoyance and extra costs you didn’t really plan for can ruin your day, but not everything is lost. The experts over at Action AC were kind enough to pinpoint some of the most common issues related to your heating system, and also some alternatives so that you can avoid purchasing a new heating system.

Common issues with central heating

One of the issues is that your furnace is not blowing hot air. Many things can cause this behavior but you should first investigate your thermostat and make sure it’s set to the desired temperature if that is correct then you can increase the temperature and see what happens.

If the problem persists you can also make sure that the fan is on ‘’auto’’ mode. If all of the above is ok, then you might be dealing with the following issues:

  • The air filter is dirty and that prevents the furnace from blowing hot air. Just like any other appliance, furnace also needs regular maintenance and a thorough cleaning before the cold season starts.
  • Maybe your ductwork is leaking somewhere in the house. You should investigate carefully all your ducts from the source all the way up to the end. If you find any leaks it is not that hard to close off the leakage and then insulate.
  • Check if there is enough fuel to operate properly and if the fuel can reach its destination unhindered.

Uneven heat distribution

This is a common issue, but it can be easily investigated. You need to check your air filters and ducts as these are two main reasons why not all the intended parts of your home are not heated properly.

As mentioned above, you need to check your air filters and make sure that they are clean from dust and debris, you can even replace them with new ones to be 100% sure they are not causing the problem.

If the problem isn’t solved you need to inspect ducts, find leaks and seal them. If you still have troubles than you should contact the best furnace repair in San Diego.

Fan is not rotating

Yet another problem caused by dirt, again check if there’s any dirt or debris preventing the fan from working as intended. No need to panic, regular maintenance prevents this.

Next up are circuit breakers and you need to make sure that they are turned on. If you still have problems, then you need a professional to do a more thorough inspection.

Mold problem

Mold grows in poorly insulated areas which allow moisture to penetrate and create perfect conditions for growth. You probably shouldn’t try to fix this yourself. Instead, you need to call a professional to remove it properly.

The whole system needs to be cleaned thoroughly and prepared for future challenges. You need to make sure all the ducts are insulated correctly so that no moisture can come through.

The smell of burning

This is a pretty common problem at the start of a new season, especially if you hadn’t tinkered the furnace since the end of the previous winter. If the smell persists after the initial ignition, you need to immediately turn it off to prevent risks of fire.

This is another issue on the list that’s probably caused by dirt. Check the filters, clean them up, replace if needed, and if the smell is still there then an HVAC professional is the person to call.

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