How Group Litigation Works

How Group Litigation Works

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In the UK the term used for Class Action or Collective Redress Actions is Group Litigation. This encompasses cases where a group of individuals wish to collectively make a legal complaint against a wrongdoer. It is a form of collective redress that can be very effective when compared to the potential pitfalls associated with individuals making legal complaints against big companies and corporations

Group litigation has become more popularly used in the UK in recent years due to this more certain nature or collective response. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly it is important to understand how difficult it can be to make an individual claim, the stresses this can bring upon a person can be great, and it is always a calming note to know and understand that you are not alone. Having countless others in the same fight as you, through one single firm of professional solicitors can help to put your mind at ease. The second reason behind Group Litigation becoming more frequently used is that it dramatically cuts down the financial risks associated with an individual claim. Legal costs can be saved, so it’s not just strength in numbers, but a collective financial relief and release too.

If you have a complaint against a large corporation it can be an extremely daunting to go against them on your own. It has put off many people from pursuing litigation. With Group Litigation you have a well-resourced team behind your fight, something a well qualified and professional solicitors is well placed to achieve. Group litigation also offers strength in conversation, a sharing of knowledge and evidence between different complainants, and of course the share of risk and cost that we have already mentioned above.

Access to justice should be available to everyone, and for those lost souls who feel like their complaint would be lost in a vast sea against a large corporation, a Group Litigation offers hope. It brings together legal specialists within specific fields that might be out of financial reach of an individual claimant, and gives them a voice to be heard.

The last part of a Group Litigation that benefits everyone is that it gives the solicitors a chance to put together test cases based on certain individuals within the group. This ensures that the initial cases can be funded through the group and any decisions that are made can be of benefit to the entire group of complainants.

The processes of a Group Litigation are different to an individual legal complaint but it does offer a range of benefits to those involved, including the sharing or resources, finances and decisions based on test cases. It is an action that is always worth pursuing if you feel you are involved with a large corporation that other people may have also suffered at the hands of.

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