How This Tie Company Became an SEO Master

How This Tie Company Became an SEO Master

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Are you a business owner for a generic line of products, such as jewellery, socks or ties? The competition in such industries is stiff, and it’s no wonder that certain business owners have begun to use SEO practices and any ORM company at their disposal in order to join the high ranks for their branded keywords.

If you’re a company like, it may be initially hard to rank high on something that is so universally worn and sold. However, you do have an automatic one-up due to the fact that your domain name has the name of your product: ties. This company has revolutionized their online business by mastering Google in its own game. Checkmate, please because these business owners have it going for them when it comes to all things ties.

The first thing they did to boost revenues is they focused on producing original, high-quality content. Take YouTube for instance, where they created a comprehensive guide for tying different tie knots. The knots that they demonstrate for tying include bow ties, adventurous knots and classic business formal neck ties. Not only have they used video as their product, but they have also written up quality content guides for anyone searching Google for some advice.

Some people may wonder, what’s the ROI on all the production and execution that goes behind creating these videos? When someone searches for “how to tie a tie”, guess who shows up first in Google? does. The company not only ranks highly for simple keywords, but also long-tailed, niche, specialized keywords such as how to tie a special Halloween bow tie. Perhaps this company with an established marketing team doesn’t need to hire online reputation management companies, unless they are deserving of some help to protect them from negative reviews if it does show up. However, standing at number one on the ranking board, they’re doing pretty well for themselves. They curate their own content by doing extensive keyword research and following through with the most frequently asked questions by their audience. They give their clients and audience what they want—that’s how they’re making the big bucks.

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