How to Fix a TV Antenna

How to Fix a TV Antenna

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The modern television set has undergone a litany of changes over the past several decades. When it was first introduced, the television set was regarded as a revolutionary product that would change the lives of millions of people, and make communication extremely easy. However, older television sets were large and bulky, and were very difficult to carry.

Modern television sets are slimmer, and have a flat panel. They are thinner and have very little weight, thus making it easy to move about. There have been considerable advancements in the antennas used for capturing the TV signals, as well.

TV antennas were introduced way back when the first television sets were commercialised. They could be used for capturing the signals being broadcasted by TV channels, and show them on your television set. The modern TV antenna has undergone a considerable amount of refinement.

In the past, these antennas were bigger and bulkier, and consisted of long rods made from aluminium, or stainless steel, that needed to be directed in a particular manner, to get the best quality video. That is no longer the case. While you will still need to keep the antenna on the top of the roof to get maximum picture clarity, you don’t have to worry about making tiny adjustments manually, in order to get better quality video.

Below are some important things that you should know about fixing an antenna on the roof your house:

Call a Specialist

Fixing the antenna may seem like a simple enough task, but it’s actually not that easy. You can’t just keep the antenna box on the roof of your house, and expect good quality video right away. You need to call in a specialist to fix the antenna properly on the roof of your house. The specialist will first analyse the signal strength, on different areas of the roof, to determine the best possible place to install the antenna.

If you haven’t bought an antenna yet, you can also ask for tips from the specialist, about different kinds and prices of antennas. Since there are so many different types of antennas available in the stores nowadays, it can be a bit difficult for an uninitiated person to know what they need to buy. Therefore, it’s better if you rely on the experience of specialist, who can install the antenna for you.

Fixing the Antenna in Place

When the specialist comes to your house for installation, the first thing that he or she will do is to determine the exact spot where the antenna should be fixed. Specialists have a special meter for checking the signal strength on the roof, to find out the exact spot for installing the antenna. Once the point has been figured out, the specialist will use a specially-designed tether, and a modified fixture, to place the antenna in position. Once the antenna has been installed, the specialist will also check the picture quality on your television, and tune all the channels, before asking for payment.

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