Keep control of costs but still have a fantastic wedding

Keep control of costs but still have a fantastic wedding

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The best weddings come in on budget.

When you’re planning a wedding for yourself and your partner it’s quite easy to lose perspective. It might seem important to have the enormous cake or the stately home or the couture dress. However, once all the glitter and romance has come to an end after the wedding day, if you’ve gone way over budget to get all those things, you could well regret it. If you had to find a loan to cover the costs, especially if you need a bad credit loan in order to borrow money then maybe you should think again instead on incurring those interest charges. So, start out looking to keep control of those costs – and still have a fantastic wedding too.

Create your budget now

The only way to keep control of wedding costs is with a budget. Make a list of the things that you feel will make up a dream wedding and then cost each one up. Compare this to the money that you have (or you’re trying to save) and set a realistic target for each wedding component. Do this before you start spending anything.

Check in with your budget once a week

Look at what you’ve spent and what you were planning to spend and make adjustments to the budget that you will have going forwards. If you regularly check in with the budget then you won’t suddenly find that you’re thousands over what you had intended to spend.

Make smart savings where you can

For example, you can save 60% on the cost of entertainment if you book a DJ for your wedding rather than a band. It’s great to have a band if you know what kind of music you like and that your guests will enjoy the performance. However, it’s often an unnecessary expense and the party will be just as fun with a DJ creating the atmosphere. You can also save big on regular wedding costs if you avoid peak wedding months such as June, July and August. Get married in October and the overall expenses plummet, making it much easier for you to keep your costs under control and still have a fantastic day.

Don’t blow the budget on edibles

People don’t often remember the food at weddings, and yet it’s one thing that couples tend to spend too much on. If you’re looking to keep costs under control then don’t overspend on the food. For example, you could forgo a desert and just have the cake instead – most of your guests won’t be able to eat both anyway. Three course dining isn’t necessarily the key to a great event as your guests might be just as sociable and fulfilled with a decadent buffet or a BBQ.

Pick a sensible date for your wedding

Costs tend to spiral at the last minute so if you’re trying to plan a wedding with just a few weeks to spare you might be tempted to blow the budget. If you don’t have what you need to cover wedding costs right now then consider giving yourself a few extra months – or even a year or so – to get the money together to make it a truly memorable day.

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