Legal Status for Purchasing Testosterone Alternatives for Bodybuilding

Testosterone is prescribed as medication by doctors to their patients diagnosed with low levels in their blood. Testosterone supplement is a controlled substance, which cannot be bought OTC from the pharmacy.

Doctors never support

You need to remove the thought that a doctor will be sympathetic and prescribe steroids for bodybuilding purpose. Doctors don’t support its usage as performance enhancer. They are well aware that it is illegal and there can be a high risk of their license to practice gets cancelled or they can suffer from jail time or huge penalty.

Where can you buy testosterone?

If you wish to use testosterone as performance booster then check for connections outside legal prescription. Talk to your bodybuilder friends or trainer at the gym. They may be certainly aware of a reliable source from whom you can purchase.

Many people visit their doctors with low testosterone symptoms to obtain legal prescription. They have to go through NHS testosterone test. However, they are unable to arrive at a diagnosis they seek for but end up spending money on extra tests.

In addition, as a bodybuilder you will need to consume excessive dosage, so the dosage doctors prescribe will not be sufficient to gain the expected results.

Bodybuilders are inclined to make excessive use of steroids, which is unsafe and can cause grave side effects. Therefore, it is wise to buy legal and natural steroid alternatives.

Forms of testosterone include gel, injections, and pills. How to buy testosterone injections? Online is the best source but there are some downsides, especially to the steroids manufacturing standards and compromised quality.

Underground labs can be in a garage, where the injections can get contaminated with dust. You will not desire to risk your life with contaminated drugs. Even tablets formatted are under such poor standard ambiance.

Use a legal alternative

CrazyBulk has introduced an alternative, which can be bought legally OTC. Testo-Max is not a real testosterone but claims to enhance testosterone level within your system.

If real testosterone is purchased online from neighboring countries then the possibility that the shipment will be seized by customs is more.

Therefore, look for branded alternatives like Tostran, Testogel, Testim, Natesto, and Nebido.

Cost of testosterone supplement

Testosterone purchased using GP’s prescription will need you to pay the usual cost. Some online outlets charge low prices, but there is a risk of quality and notifying the customs.