Make your child a Star

Make your child a Star

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Every parent thinks his or her child is special, adorable and is entranced by the child’s actions. Some of these parents take it a step further and have ambitions for their kids. They harbor dreams of seeing their child on stage or in a TV commercial or even having an acting role in a movie and they take them to auditioning centers.There are many avenues such parents can pursue. They can explore the many centers auditioning for these acting roles in various productions.Parents need to research well to make sure the auditioning center is genuine. The number of centers varies according to location and roles available also vary depending on the expertise required. There are more than a thousand acting auditions for kids available today.

Researching audition centers – Prepare your child for an audition

It is important to prep the child well before taking the child to an audition. Some children demonstrate a natural talent for acting and love to perform before an adoring audience.Acting before strangers in an acting audition for kids is a different matter.

Toddlers and Babies

If the child is a toddler or very young, and you are planning to take the child to various auditions, then you need to teach the child various monologues and songs. Sometimes a director may ask for a second monologue or song. The child needs to be natural while at the same time showing an acting ability. It is important to research the role being offered well. Choose the ones that best suit you and your child. If you take your baby to be auditioned, you need to ensure that he is comfortably clothed and in a good mood. Come well in advance and have the baby ready as soon as the infant is called.

Teenage Auditioning

Auditioning as a teenager requires its own set of rules.

  • Memorize lines well. Let your child practice in fun ways at home so that he or she is fully confident. Sometimes you get the script just one day before and unless the teenager knows the script well the child is going to forget the lines in front of the casting director.
  • It is important to exercise and remain fit. Teenage roles are usually more physical in nature.
  • Take notes on at the first audition, on feedback given and directors’ names. It will serve you well for further auditions.
  • Don’t worry about the teenager’s looks. There are usually make-up artists available who will make the child look good.

In conclusion, good looks and cuteness alone will not get your child selected for a part. You need to carefully prepare your child for an audition in accordance with the age of the child.

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