PhentremineCiv-xR a Natural Weight Loss Pill

PhentremineCiv-xR a Natural Weight Loss Pill

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Phentremine is a weight loss pill that is present in the market and marketed to have similar effects as the Phentermine. Phentermine is a drug which has been used as a psychostimulant in the body. In spite of the many marketing strategies of Phentremine pills emphasizes the presence of natural ingredients in the pills. These pills claim to have the same effect as Phentermine as given in reviews by various users. Care should be taken before use of this product and careful monitoring should be done to find whether the claim for the drug use is true or not.


Obese people are reluctant to visit the doctor to deal with their weight problems. Instead, they are in denial phase, unaware of the many serious weight-related problems that can occur to them like heart diseases.  If you are reading this article, you may be one in this group. The way to overcome this problem is to face them. The use of the natural ingredient in the Phentremine Civ-xR pills might be an easy way to aid in your weight loss program. It contains natural ingredients such as Citrus x aurantium, Evodiamine and Hoodia gordonii. It also contains other stimulants like caffeine, chromium, and Senna.

The usefulness of the pills has not been proved, but there are positive reviews about it in various online forums.  In spite if that the effects of the product use must be monitored carefully to check whether they have a positive effect or not.

Phentermine Ingredients

Phentermine is a pill which is composed of all natural ingredients and has been found to have no side effects. The pills are composed of Citrus x aurantium (bitter orange), an herb containing the ingredient synephrine which has a role in fat melting. Clinical evidence of bitter orange is not established, and side effects might include insomnia and dizziness. Evodiamine is a Chinese fruit that is known to burn fat by thermogenesis. It stimulates degradation of fat to generate energy thus helping is a loss of fat content in the body. Hoodia gordonii, on the other hand, is an African plant that helps in the suppression of appetite. Apart from these main ingredients the pills also contain stimulants like caffeine, chromium, and Senna.  Senna is a well-known diuretic. Citrus aurantium and caffeine together are used to suppress certain side effects like insomnia, jitters and digestion problems. It is a well-balanced pill that has some ingredients together that can take care of all the problems naturally.

Phentermine Results and Benefits

A PhentremineCiv-xR pill, even though so named does not contain the Phentermine which is an FDA approved the drug for loss of weight for people suffering from obesity.  Obesity is a problem which affects a large percentage of the world population, finding ways to control one’s appetite by pills might seem simpler to most people than changing their work schedule to incorporate exercises. The use of a natural pill which is devoid of health hazard makes Phentremine more preferable for some people. It also has an additive advantage of being an over the counter drug.  Online sites selling Phentermine claims that it leads to loss of appetite, increase in energy and metabolism.  Since it is not FDA approved drug care should be taken to prevent any side effects to oneself by use of these PhentremineCiv-xR pills.

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