Preparation Tips for Laser Scar Removal

Preparation Tips for Laser Scar Removal

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Laser scar removal is now a cosmetic medical procedure that is often performed by dermatologists to remove or fade scar tissue, usually on the face.  Making sure to understand the different reasons to have laser scar removal and what to expect are an important part of the process.  Read the information below to get a better understanding of what is involvedwhen having your scars removed with laser treatments.

Laser scar removal sometimes depends on the type of scarring to decide on what method should be used.  There are several things to consider before undergoing the procedure.  Scar tissues have 3 main classifications – atrophic, hypertrophic, and keloid.  Atrophic scars are commonly caused by acne and are indentations in the skin.  Hypertrophic and keloid scars are raised scars.  Keloid scars are reddish and form after initial injuries, and hypertrophic scars are pink in color and formed soon after healed injuries.  Other factors are sun exposure damage and the depth of the scarring.  Some people on certain medications or with certain skin disorders cannot be treated with lasers as well.

Laser scar removal is a serious process to undertake, so an important initial step is to have a consultation by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon that specializes in the treatment.  They can ensure you are a proper candidate and guide your through the basics as well.  They will help decide what type of laser treatment will suit you best, or if you will require a combination of various treatments.  Additionally, they will go over the different methods (there are several) as well as what is to be expected with your procedure.  Some procedures require anesthetic, time for recovery, and after care to ensure proper results.

Laser scar removal itself is the process of using lasers of various colors and wavelengths on the face and skin.  One method relies on burning the outermost layer to reveal the skin underneath that is new and fresh to heal slowly.  Another variation targets deeper layers of skin and destroys scar tissue from below, causing increased collagen growth and skin cell renewal.  There are also methods that punch microscopic holes into the cells of the scar tissue and skin below to provide the same effect.

Laser scar removal provides many people with an option to help them improve their personal image and confidence.  Making sure to thoroughly explore all your options will ensure you get the results you need.  Also make sure you are seeking the guidance of a licensed professional.  Many people are extremely happy with the results that laser scar removal can achieve.  Hopefully the tips above will help you in making the right decision for yourself and your skin!

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