Quick Tips For Removing Underground Oil Tanks

If you have an underground oil tank somewhere in the yard or garden, you need to be careful. Heating oil tanks are prone to corrosion and rusting, which can lead to soil contamination and can be a threat to the environment. Ideally, it’s best to remove under ground oil tanks as soon as possible, especially if the property is too old or there are tell-a-tale signs of leaks. There are reliable services for the job, but a few things must be checked before hiring one.

Start with the basics

The service industry isn’t regulated completely, and there are many companies that just take contracts and sell the same to subcontractors. The first task is to find a company that’s licensed, insured and bonded and has a registered address. The service must be willing to offer client references if requested. It is also important to see if some or all the staff members of the company have real estate licenses for the state.

Other things that matter

Oil tank removal is just one part of the job. In case of a leak, you need a service that can manage related tasks like soil testing and site remediation. Look for remediation companies online that can offer help with everything. The company should be able to work for a fixed quote and must offer support for financing to the best possible extent. Ideally, such services should also deal with the paperwork and permission requirements, which can take anywhere between two and three weeks, at least in New Jersey.  Also, keep a check on the availability of the service. The concerned service should have a hotline number and must offer assistance 24×7 on request.

Check online now to find oil tank removal services in your area, and don’t miss on asking for a quote.