Reap the Rewards of Laser Eye Surgery

Reap the Rewards of Laser Eye Surgery

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Are you tired of wearing glasses all day? Do you find it difficult to wear contact lens for an extend period? There are other options when it comes to improving your vision that doesn’t involve glasses or contact lens. Laser eye surgery can improve your eyesight to the point that you don’t need corrective lenses or glasses, here are some reasons to consider LASIK surgery.

Improves Your Vision – The most obvious benefit to having laser eye surgery is improved vision, a skilled doctor can restore your vision dramatically with over 85% of patients reporting 20/20 vision. Some even achieve better than 20/20 with several individuals having their visual acuity reach 20/40 vision. For someone who has had problems with their eyes all their lives, LASIK can completely change your world. You won’t have to rely on your glasses to see, that means no more fumbling around your bedroom in the morning trying to find your eyewear. In addition, you won’t have to wear contact lens when you partake in sports or exercise, your vision will be crystal clear without the need for a visual aid. Regardless of how bad your current vision is, LASIK can achieve dramatic results, bring your visual acuity right up to 20/20 or even better.

Permanent, Long Term Results – Laser eye surgery carried out by trained professionals providing procedures such as LASIK in San Antonio improve patients vision on a long-term basis. Laser eye surgery isn’t just a temporary fix, it lasts long into the future. The only time you may need an adjustment is when you start to get older and your eyesight begins to suffer due to age related problems. Some patients require follow up procedures, but most achieve excellent vision without having to visit their ophthalmologist for additional treatment.

Speedy Recovery Time – The operation itself takes under 1 hour, so you can visit a clinic in the morning and you’ll be out that same day. There is no need to stay overnight as is the case with most other surgical procedures. You won’t have to request numerous days off work or lose out on holidays when having laser surgery, you can resume your normal lifestyle in as little as 24 hours after the procedure. Laser eye surgery is one of the most common procedures in the western world, so there is very little risk involved.

Save Money on Contacts & Glasses – When you’ve had laser eye surgery, there is no need to buy contact lens or glasses. If you play sport on a regular basis, buying a supply of daily or monthly contacts can be costly. Similarly, if you damage your glasses and they need to be replaced, it won’t come cheap.

There are numerous benefits to having laser eye surgery, the procedure dramatically improves your visual acuity, it eliminates the need for corrective eyewear, you’ll save a tonne of money on glasses and contacts, and the effects are permanent. The procedure greatly improves your standard of living by not having to worry about glasses or contacts ever again.

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