Recovering After Domestic Violence and Abuse

Recovering After Domestic Violence and Abuse

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Domestic violence is a cruel face of our civilized society. Whatever be the reason, any kind of violence with your partner or family member is unacceptable.

October is being observed as a Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)  is a non-profit organization for supporting the voice of victims and survivors of domestic violence. Their reports have estimated that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have been a victim of violence, at some point in their lives. In the report of 2017 Domestic Violence Homicide, by the End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, it was revealed that a total of 62 victims and perpetrators were killed last year in domestic violence.

Gather the strength and rise against the violence

To dismiss the possibility of any regrettable consequence, the victim of domestic violence must take an early action. They can sense the unpleasant things happening to them and must confide in their friends and relatives, as soon as they release the danger. For additional security, they can even speak to family law attorney in Appleton who can help in procuring a protection order. It is understandable that it needs a considerable amount of strength to speak about your situation. But it is better instead of regretting later.

Remember, you are not all alone; along with your family and friends, you have some organizations and groups that have come together to protect you and your rights. There are more than  15 domestic violence and abuse shelters in and around Appleton, Wisconsin. The emergency hotlines have been opened for urgent care and needs.

Healing is most important

Going through such traumatic circumstances may not seem easy but you have a healthy and happy life ahead. The first step towards it is to stay away at a safe distance from the abuser. Get yourself ready for any medical treatment and once you have collected your strength together, go on to meet the people, who can be your companion in this hard time.

  • Medical professionals

To think clearly, you must be free of any physical pain, sustained during the domestic abuse. Treat yourself for broken bones, stitching up wounds or just the general medical attention. Sexual abuses need special attention, for your safety as well as to corroborate police reports.

  • Counselors

Counselors are trained professionals who just know how to handle your fears and present state of mind. They help you to understand things from a different perspective, to begin your recovery process. You can open up your heart and thoughts to them.

  • Survivors

Meeting people from social groups who themselves are the survivors of domestic violence, can give answers for many of your questions. You will certainly feel confident if you are convinced that past is past, and you are taking the right decision to move on. This is necessary to reinstate self-faith.

Closure, finalize and just move on

Recovery from the abuse which has changed your personal world (and maybe professional too) is a slow but definitely a steady process. Whether it takes months or years, if you make efforts, you will surely come out of your miseries. You get to meet a new “you”. You must seek legal advice. The abuser must not be spared, as they are detrimental to our civilized society.

There is one more thing which would test your strength – meeting your abuser in the courtroom trial. All the mentioning of the abuse, flashbacks of the crime, reasons, accusations, can be found very scary. But you must be strong to make yourself believe that it would be the last time you have to deal with the person before he gets convicted. You are the victim, so everyone in the court is in your favor, hence there is no reason to be feared of the abuser.

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