Safety tips for wearing a baby carrier – Ensuring maximum safety for your baby

Safety tips for wearing a baby carrier – Ensuring maximum safety for your baby

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Did you ever come across a parent who is wearing her baby with the help of a sling? If answered yes, you have to realize that babywearing has been a trend since many years but the only change is that the way in which babies are being carried these days are going through a huge change. If you’re a new mom or a dad who has been worrying about whether or not carrying a baby in a carrier is a good decision for both you and your baby, you’ve clicked on the right post.

If you’re thinking about how to safely use a baby carrier, you’re not along as there are several other moms who are also concerned about the safety of their babies while they are being carried through a carrier. We have compiled a list of the tips that you should follow in order to ensure maximum safety while using a baby carrier.

Tip #1: Do a little bit of homework

Being a mom, you always have to be extra careful about what you choose for your baby. Hence, you should first try different models for deciding the best one that are going to suit the needs of your child. How about attending all the babywearing meetings that are held at local places? Once you attend these meetings, you’ll get to try different carriers in person and you’ll get a clear idea about your comfort level. As you streamline your choices, consider the age, weight and height of the baby and check the online reviews so that you get to know what other clients have to say.

Tip #2: Try to use the carrier sans the baby

First, you should try to use the carrier without putting your baby inside it. Instead of putting your baby, you can put in a doll or a bag of flour to understand the weight that you can carry. Practice how you need to put it on and take it off. Buckle and unbuckle to get easy with the process.

Tip #3: Ensure your baby is put in the best position

One thing that you should remember as a parent is that the airway of your baby has to be clear when he is positioned within the carrier. His chin should not be forced into his own chest and his face shouldn’t feel pressed against his own body. Your baby should be positioned in an upright manner and you have to be extra watchful with the newborns.

Tip #4: Dress as per weather

When it’s winter, you can carry your baby both inside your coat and outside the coat. If you choose to take her inside, make sure she is in her indoor clothes lest she feels too hot. Don’t pull the entire zip of the coat; rather pull it halfway so that you’re able to see the face of your baby.

So, now that you know the safety tips for carrying your baby in a baby carrier, what are you waiting for? Get one for your baby after considering all the factors that need to be considered.

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