Save Money on Oral Rehabilitation with All on Four Implants

Save Money on Oral Rehabilitation with All on Four Implants

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You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a soothing tooth rehabilitation therapy; for most folks going traditional is the way to get a natural and cost-effective solution but that may well be an obsolete way to deal with dental problems with the introduction of the All on four implant; for the cost-conscious folks, this tooth replacement procedure is a lot more incredibly cheaper than every other tooth rehabilitation therapy available. Usually, dentists with robust experience in surgical tooth replacement administer the procedure. With the experience of these professionals, fixing a new set of the non-removable tooth is so seamless.

How All on Four Implants Can Save You Money

  1. All on Four Implants and the Number of Dental Implants Required for Oral Rehabilitation

For many other tooth rehabilitation processes, the highest cost element is the cost of implants. For  example, the traditional tooth rehabilitation therapy require as many as between six to ten implants per jaw; so if a patient wants an overhaul of the upper and lower dental arch, a whopping 20 implants would be required; going by an average price of $3,500 per implant, administering this procedure could run into several thousands of Dollars

However, with the All on Four implants, a patient can spend a few bucks and still get quality dental rehabilitation. As the name implies, as against the ten implants required in other replacement procedures, just four dental implants are required per jaw under this dental implant therapy; the innovation in this procedure is that rather than fill an entire jaw with dental implants, prosthetic dental bridges are carefully arranged along the dental arch on each side of the jaw. So with just eight implants, a patient gets a complete replacement of the teeth on each side of the jaw; this way the patient is able to save the cost of the twelve extra implants that would have been required in other replacement procedures.

  1. All on Four Implants Requires One Single Surgery

As a result of the so many dental implants required under traditional surgical procedures, it follows naturally that patients would have to undergo several surgical sessions which could span over a year; factoring in the cost of consultations and so many other miscellaneous expenses in this lengthy procedure, it is clear that the total cost of the procedure is beyond the reach of many; All on four plants implants offer something really affordable especially now that you just have to undergo a single surgery, a lot of the excess cost associated with traditional surgical procedures is cut off. A single surgery also makes the whole therapeutic procedure convenient for you; you just bear the rigors ones and for all.

  1. All on Four Implants and the Need for Bone Grafting Surgery

There is a whole lot of surgical procedures involved in traditional oral rehabilitation; so many are they that imagining going through the whole haul can be sickening; you would not just only be anxious about the moments when dental implants would be fixed; you would also think of how to bear with an inevitable bone grafting surgery which is usually carried out in the traditional therapy before dental implants are placed on the premise that dental implants require a firm base they can sit on in the jaw; as patients lose their tooth, the tooth root that makes up the hard tissue is weakened or lost hence the need to replace them with bones. However, all these happen in the traditional method, the innovative All on four procedures completely eliminates the need for bone grafting. As a patient, you just now have to look forward to completing your tooth rehab in a day without much ado.

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