Steel dealers in the Houston area

Steel dealers in the Houston area

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If you work in construction, then you know that the materials are the most important thing you need for the job. Because, if you don’t have the materials then all the labor or equipment means very little in the end. So, if you are in the greater Houston area and are looking steel dealers. Be it for construction for personal or commercial use, then Texas iron and metal have your back. Established back in 1939 by founder Max Moore, Texas iron and metal have lived by their motto of “You want it, we’ve got I”.

Offering you instore pick up or delivery, you can receive a free estimate of how much it will cost you to pick up or have your materials delivered. Drawing from many different suppliers, Texas Iron and metal has a selection that cannot be beat anywhere nearby.  Striving to have everything that you could need ion stock and ready for you when you need it. Even filling in custom orders, when regarding what you need. Even being able to cut the steel on site for you to get the perfect fit for the job. They can even same day delivery for orders and accommodate for after hour needs, to accommodate their clients.

Steel is not the only thing that they offer, as you can see in the name of their company. Offering a wide variety of iron products for the job as well. There extensive inventory can be viewed online or you can even call them and inquire if they have what you need to get the job done.

When I was in construction many years ago, we often used Texas iron and metal as our go to distributor of metal products. Often, they would be able to handle the size of large orders and if unable to meet the demand, made sure we had what we needed by the time we got to the phase of construction that we would. I can’t count the times we would either short of something or have to replace a piece and they would have it in stock ready to be delivered to us that day or ready for us to pick it up ourselves. Texas iron and metal has been a reliable company and in my brief years of a construction worker, I have never had any issues with their service or inventory.

So, if you are looking to buy steel or even any other type of metal product, you can’t go wrong with Texas iron and metal. They live by their motto and take it to heart. Which has been serving their company for decades and more to come. But, don’t take my word for it, just see for yourself. Their lot is huge and extensive and you will be hard pressed to find anyone who can compare in Houston. With a history, longer then its inventory, you will know you are in good hands when it comes to your steel and metal needs.

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