Take to The Skies With A Motion Helicopter Simulator Hire

Take to The Skies With A Motion Helicopter Simulator Hire

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There’s something compelling about being a helicopter pilot. You can control one of the coolest machines known to man. You can get up in the sky and enjoy the greatness of watching the world below you and just fly through the skies with ease. It’s a fun thing that most people don’t know how to get done, or won’t have a license to do. But what if you could give people at your next industry event the option to fly? In fact, what if you could fly a helicopter yourself? Would you go for it?

For those that would love to fly, but don’t have a license, the next best thing to work with is that of a helicopter simulator hire. This is a solution that will let you work through branding and everything, setting up a simple booth or event for the next trade show your company is at. A simple helicopter simulator will throw visitors for a loop as it is realistic and will help with seeing the world in a new way.

The Setup

Professional options allow you to have a simulator that is 100% authentic in terms of flight. You’ll have a joystick, pedals that are sensitive, and motion sensing seat and more that will give you the feeling of flight, without leaving the ground. Not only that, there is a full 180-degree field of view with a 55” 1080p triple screen set so that you can see everything around you, and making it seem as though you’re truly in flight. This is not just a video game, it’s an experience that will surprise even the harshest of critics.


Let’s say that you wanted to brand this to advertise your company and let everyone know your name, well it’s easier than ever. You can set this up for a trade show, or event that you’re throwing and have your branding elements throughout. That means that whenever anyone comes by, they know what your company is, and will remember the amazing helicopter simulator hire that you put up. This is something that your competition is most likely not thinking about, which means that you will get more popular than others, and will see a lot more people networking with your staff than with others.

Fly Around Various Regions

This is not just a fictional option, you can jump on board and fly through various regions. There are several options that can help you fly through Alaska, Arizona, California, Canada, or fictional canyons, depending on what you want. You’ll have modeling for weather, simulated system issues, and much more. This is not just a “game” that you’re playing, it’s a real-world experience full of little details that real pilots will be surprised by.

The next time you have an event of any type, go forward with getting this option in place, and you’ll no doubt end up with a positive influence overall. This is an option that is no doubt going to deliver on fun and so much more. For more info, please visit pswevents.com

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