The Absurdly Apparent Means to fix Healthcare

Consider it what did we all do within the pioneer days on the prairie whenever we came lower by having an appendicitis attack? We’d go, “Ouch. ooh, ahh” for any couple of days after which die. Easy! No documents, no deductibles, no up front expense, no quarrelling backwards and forwards with insurance providers, doctors and hospitals – with no funeral expenses! Well, almost no, perhaps a shovel along with a hands chiseled, homemade headstone, “Here Lies Clem. He Did not Have Medical Health Insurance.Inch

You realize, doctors accustomed to make house calls, surprisingly. They’d load their huge doctors bags to their Model T Fords and drive thirty miles one of the ways on dirt roads to lance a boil for any bushel of apples. Obviously, that does not happen now, the primary reason because huge doctors bags don’t squeeze into Porsches. And just what physician in the right mind would subject his baby to some dirt road?

We are spoiled. We do not understand how to gracefully take excruciating discomfort any longer. I am talking about, apart from staying away from discomfort and dying, exactly what do we want medical health insurance for anyway? A friend, just a few days ago, broke his leg attempting to remove his Happy Chimes from his foreclosed house. By golly, he set that leg themself! It isn’t he did not have medical health insurance, but he did not wish to spend the money for upfront, $5,000 deductible up front expense. Unsure exactly what a damaged leg bone costs to repair nowadays, but my spouse broke her little foot a few years ago and visited the er. After an x-ray and treatment, which contained the recommendation to, “Tape it for your other foot,” the balance was $1,000!

Oh, I digress. Okay, so how can we fix healthcare? You repair it by kids regarding your health! (Have it – healthcare, not care-ing about health?) Hmm.

Why be worried about getting sick before you are sick? You’ll be able to worry all at one time. If everybody dropped their own health insurance, doctors would get smaller sized doctors bags making house calls again for any bushel of corn along with a goat. I suppose the loose corn (with no basket) would easily fit in the Porsches trunk, and perhaps the goat within the passenger seat holding the doctors bag, I’m not sure.

And hospitals would run specials: Kidney Transplants Today – Only $50.00 with mail in rebate.” Nurses would learn to knit again, and doctors could be chasing the nurses – again – while medical health insurance companies could be eeking out a full time income by recycling 18 million pages of exceptions and deductibles addendums.