The Best Vaporizer Reviewers

The Best Vaporizer Reviewers

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Whether you’re trying to improve your health by vaporizing instead of smoking, or just because you prefer the high or the flavor, every day more and more people across the world are discovering great reasons to switch to a vape. Once you start looking around online and in stores though, you might find that the vast array of options available to customers can be a tiny bit overwhelming. There’s so many different kinds, how can anyone be sure what’s the best vaporizer they can get for their budget? There’s a ton of vaporizer review websites on the web to help out with that, but sometimes it can be hard to navigate between which pages are sponsored or bias and which pages are just trying to provide a useful service. To help out with the whole transition process, this article will tell you what the best vaporizer reviewers are, so that you can be sure you’re getting reliable information to make your decision off of in the end.

Vape Critic

One of the oldest players in the game, Vape Critic is not afraid in the slightest to bring attention to legitimate design flaws in different vaporizers. One great thing about this website is the fact that most reviews are paired along with a video instead of just photos, so you can even see the vape in question actually being tested. This is definitely one of the best places to come to get every detail about a vaporizer before deciding to purchase it.

Vaporizer Blog

This Amsterdam based website also prides itself on being unbiased, and focuses heavily on the objective facts of vapes. Like Vape Critic, they like to use photos and videos too, from unboxing to cleaning sometimes. They also make a lot of blog posts about important news in the general world of vaporizing and medical cannabis.

Toronto Vaporizer

Our very own Canada-based reviewer does a splendid job as well. They have an impressive archive of reviews on older models and new ones. Despite having a shop of their own, they do a great job remaining totally unbiased.

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