The Best way to Control Kitchen Pests

The Best way to Control Kitchen Pests

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Kitchen is that place that you cannot stop the party when pests call in to celebrate. Bugs love the presence of food and water that is essential to their survival. It is no longer a surprise that the kitchen is a popular warzone for household pests.

Here are a few tips that can help in controlling the flow of pests to the kitchen:

Tightly Seal Food Containers

Cockroaches and other pests love getting into containers that store food, household pets burrow into the tiny uncovered spaces. The best way is to eat the food in one sitting and when not possible store in a tightly sealed food tin to keep bugs from invading your kitchen.

Clean and Empty the Sink

The idea of soaking dishes in the sink attracts all manner of insects and pests. You can click here for help or wait to witness a cockroach pool party when still water stands for too long.

Avoid stacking dishes overnight or leaving water in the sink. The kitchen sink should always be empty and clean as possible to keep off household insects.

Eat at the Table

Pests depend on food crumbs and particles. When indoors, make sure that you eat at the table to make it easy to clean the house. Eating at the table allows for quick cleanup, and food crumbs will be off the floor. If you must eat in the kitchen, use the countertops to avoid sprinkling food items all over.

Use a Trash Can with a Lid

Food particles at home will always end up in the trash can. Homeowners prefer to keep theirs with the lid open under the sink. Invest in a trash can with a cover that snugly fits to make it harder for roaming rodents and pests from spilling food in the kitchen. The investment looks like a small activity, but it goes a long way towards keeping household pests off the kitchen space.

Learn to Clean up The Area after Eating

After hosting a party or a large family gathering, cleaning after them may prove to be a challenge. Pests are always on the lookout for food spills, and in a short while, you will see them sniffing around. When you see accidental spills, clean the area right away.

Regular Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum clean and sweep areas surrounding the refrigerators and between cracks to remove food crumbs that may attract pests. Using a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis removes pest allergens keeping the kitchen safe and healthy.

Use the Fridge to Store Fruits

Sweet fruits like mango or apple should always be stored in the fridge to avoid attracting ants and cockroaches.

Make use of Poisons and Glue Traps

Rodents such as mice need the use of glue traps and poisons to bait them. Mice will consume any dry food and are drawn to water leakages because they need water to drink.

Keeping food in proper storage containers, cleaning up leftover food, and sealing all pipes ensures no still water behind the kitchen will go a long way in keeping pests out of your kitchen.

A kitchen is vulnerable to pest infestation. Make sure you sanitize the hiding to keep the unsightly and unwanted visitors away.



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