The Seamless World Of Sylvania

The Seamless World Of Sylvania

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With the introduction of more realistic things into the world of the innocent’s kids, they are gradually missing out the true happiness that comes with more fictional things. In earlier days, kids used to lose themselves in a dream world, where they assumed themselves to be some of the funny and out of the league characters. During those times, their smile was truly contagious and it reached our eyes. At least, with those fictional and reel objects, you could make your kids learn that the real world is far more different and they should not adopt the cruelest facts about the reality surrounding them.

We have actually forgotten that children are like a small and soft bundle of innocence and creativity. Their mind works at a greater frequency than ours does’ and all they like is to discover new things and make something more interesting out of the existing. This is the reason why the toddlers are more creative and free-minded than us, the adults. Apart from this, the creative minds of the children are always in search of new things, they always tend to get involved in things that are beyond the fact of reality. It is this reason that has compelled the Japanese company named Epoch, to introduce a new world of games to the children, something that will definitely keep them interested and involved.

The Sylvanian families were first introduced to the entire world in 1985, after which it gained the title of “best toy of the year”. So much so, soon the Sylvanian family spread across the world in counties like America, Canada, Britain, Australia and many others. This finally led to the heightening of use of the Sylvanian families for the kids who found it to be quite interesting and intriguing too. So what exactly is a Sylvanian family?

All about the Sylvanian families!

Have you ever played Barbie games? Isn’t it interesting enough where you can dress her up, build her house and do lots of such interesting stuff? The same can be said about the Sylvanian families; the only difference being is that a Sylvanian family is truly a fictional family where your children will learn the importance of unity and the real happiness that comes with being surrounded by loved ones.

The entire play is set up in the fictional world of Sylvania, a small village that is surrounded by thick, green foliage all around. Also, there are mountains at the back of the vast stretches of forest, giving a perfect impression of the Victorian style villages. There are many popular families, the main being the family of the Mayor. Each family is represented by different animals, birds and also cute little teddy bears. All of these figures are made from plastic polymers and hence, they are safe for your kids.

Now coming back to the world of Sylvania, your kid can build the houses of each family using the different building materials that will be provided with the game package itself. Not only this, they can play while representing themselves as one of the characters of the Sylvanian world.

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