The Truth about FUE Hair Transplant

The Truth about FUE Hair Transplant

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The technique or method used in the hair transplant procedure is segmented into two categories, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. There are number of surgeons in the world practising the FUE hair transplant. It doesn’t mean everyone is skilled and always gives the best results. The most prevalent fact associated with the hair transplant procedure is about the sustainability of the roots that lasted forever. The hair transplant cost significantly depends upon the technique used in the procedure and so a surgeon gives special emphasis on choosing the technique.

The hair transplant procedure done by the FUE technique involves the dynamic punching process in which surgeon uses the punching machine/tool to extract the hair roots and in some cases also the robotic punching machine is used. The graft extracted via the FUE technique is obtained randomly; however, the roots are also taken from the unsafe part of the scalp. The machine used in the extraction efficiently improve the extraction capacity, but it doesn’t mean that the outcome strength is also defined by the same as the procedural success is all based on the surgeon’s skills and precision.

In this article, we are explaining the truth of the FUE hair Transplant is described below:-

  1. The Extraction is limited: The step of the hair root extraction is one of the core surgical jobs in the hair transplant procedure that facilitates the option of obtaining the grafts/follicular units. The success of FUE extraction is not defined via the robotic machine or any other punching machine as it is defined by the surgeon’s precision and skills to make it more effective and result-oriented.
  2. The Sustainable Outcome: The outcome of the procedure is rated on the basis of the number of grafts extracted in a particular sitting. One can forecast the number of graft’s collection if knows about the opted technique for the procedure. The FUE technique cannot offer the mega number of hair roots in a single session as it requires multiple random punching to extract the grafts that automatically reduces the strength of the donor capacity to get the desired number of hair roots. However, the surgeon is bound to target the unsafe area for the extraction results in getting the temporary hair roots.
  3. The Feasibility for the lesser grade of Baldness: The feasibility of the FUE technique is centred on their strength to the extraction process. As the procedure of FUE is based on the random extraction offers only the limited number of hair roots that only sufficient for the NW-I, II or III baldness. The technique, strength of the procedure allows a surgeon to decide its applicability for the particular grade of baldness. Therefore, the FUE technique is good for only the lesser grade of baldness.
  4. The Alopecia areata Treatment: The issue of the spot baldness which is scientifically known as the Cicatricial alopecia or the Alopecia areata can be treated with the hair transplant procedure if it is at a primitive stage. The Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder in which patients experience the multiple round spots or bald patches all over the scalp area as well as the body parts where hair growth occurs causes the hair loss. Generally, it is treated with the medications, but the hair transplant procedure can also be allowed if it is at an initial stage.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant must be received only when you get satisfied with the primary consultation with respect to the feasible technique, particular baldness state as well as the cause of your hair loss. Both the techniques of the procedure are allowed to receive the graft/hair roots, but which one is feasible for you only decided after the consultation session.

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