Things You Need To Know About Dog Shampoos

Things You Need To Know About Dog Shampoos

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Grooming your canine buddy can be overwhelming. While you can always take him for a spa or a massage bath once in a while, most of the grooming, brushing and bathing must be done at home. For that, you need the right supplies. Along with other things, you need a good shampoo. Finding the best dog shampoo might be confusing, which is why we have enlisted some points that may come handy.

Can I use my shampoo?

This is probably the worst mistake that a pet owner can make. Canine skin has a higher pH score than humans, and therefore, our shampoos are not meant for them. Most the commercial shampoos we use are high on chemicals, which can irritate your dog’s skin and lead to conditions like dandruff, red spots and itching. In fact, human shampoos have many ingredients that are considered to be extremely harsh for pets, both cats and dogs.

What should I choose?

First things first, do not choose a shampoo because you liked an advertisement. Every dog has a unique coat, and the skin requirements largely differ. For example, if your pet is prone to odor, you would need a scented shampoo, preferably something that has essential oils. On the other hand, you need a moisturizing product for a canine with dry and flaky skin. For fleas and ticks, you have special medicated shampoos. Understand your pet’s skin and coat requirements before choosing a shampoo.

Things to note

Unless needed, don’t go for scented shampoos. You will find many natural products, which have essential oils that smell good and have great benefits for the skin, as well. Secondly, do check for products that are natural and don’t have parabens. Parabens are mainly added for increased shelf life, and most products do have them, but you can still take a chance. Sulfates are also used in pet shampoos for foaming and might not suit all dogs.

Final word

Depending on the activities and overall coat smell, you need to bath your canine at least once in a week. However, do consider other parameters like age, genetics, coat type and hair before taking a call. If required, you can also talk to a doctor, who can offer dedicated advice on selecting shampoos. Also, it might be a good idea to include a conditional in the regular coat grooming routine to maintain the shine sheen.

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