Tips For Keeping A Close-Knit Family Unit

Tips For Keeping A Close-Knit Family Unit

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Maintaining a copacetic family environment in the home is an ongoing challenge for anyone.  Keeping the family together and happy is a goal that takes effort from everyone involved, and sometimes it simply doesn’t work.

There are things you can do to actively advocate for your family’s future happiness.  Take some time now to explore a few helpful tips that may assist you in maintaining a close-knit family unit.  Consider your unique relationships with family members, and work your way towards emotional security among those to which you are closest.

Group texting to keep everyone in the loop

Set up a group message, and keep it running for the family.  Add all the members of the family, and use the group as a medium for keeping everyone in the loop.

In the case of a family emergency, it’s vital that you have a convenient way to notify loved ones.  This will allay the burden of forgetting to mention something to one of your family members.

Group messaging also gives the family an ongoing platform which welcomes regular communication.  Spread jokes and hilarious memes throughout the family with just one simple click.

Schedule time off together

Whether you all live in the same town, or your family is scattered across the country, it’s important that you all find time to see each other.  It may not happen like clockwork every year, but make it a goal to schedule time off together to make new memories.

If all of your family still lives in one central location, there is little excuse to spend years between visits.  Your family’s relationship health will only thrive as long as you put in the work to build the bonds.

Use mobile apps to maintain communication

For those families who live all over the place, there are a million and one different ways to keep face to face contact alive.  Skype is the most common way for people to see one another from afar, you can also spend moments on Facetime (if you’re a family of iOS users).

Work on listening and minimizing your ego

Family members are the worst for getting their feelings hurt by your actions, and it’s important not to allow grudges to fester.  Practice wearing your “listening ears” when it comes to your family members, and make them feel just how much you care.

Respect other family member’s boundaries

Boundaries are easily trampled by the people who have known us all of our lives, but it’s vital that family members learn to respect boundaries.  We don’t stay children forever, and the shift to individuality and respect must effectively be put into action as the family ages.

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