Tips to have healthy nails

Nail care is not the last thing about personal care that you must attend to. Nails are essential to make your hands work they way they do, and they protect your fingers. It is important to care about nail health and work towards having healthier nails.

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Tips to take care of nails:

  1. Make your nails last long with the help of vinegar. Take vinegar on cotton balls and swipe on the unpolished nails. Apply nail paint on top of that if you need to. This will help your nails become longer.
  2. Dip your nails in salt regularly for makes them less brittle.
  3. Use chamomile on your nails for making them whiter from yellowish tints.
  4. Use rose water, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide to make your nails brighter. Take50 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 40 ml of rose water, and 10 gm of glycerin. Mix the three and use a cotton ball to apply the combination.
  5. Make your hands softer with jojoba oil and also heal crack in the nails during winter.
  6. Always use hand cream on the nails to keep it moisturized.
  7. Use gelatin for growing nails quickly. It boosts nail growth and you can use it like a basecoat for nail polishes.
  8. You can have splitting nails due to calcium deficiency. You need to consume food that is enriched with calcium. This will include boiled eggs and also egg shell powder.
  9. For neat cuticle care you must use cuticle oil every day. You can use the oil twice a day and apply cream on it.
  10. Use a nail strengthener for keep the nails stronger.
  11. Always file nails in one direction only and don’t buff them too much.
  12. Nails with sharp edges are more prone to breakage. You must try and grow them quickly and have rounded edges so that they don’t break quickly.
  13. Remover than you use for removing nail polish can also play an important role to make your nails break. You must use branded and quality removers, but not use them more than twice a month.
  14. Keep your nails clean all the time, to keep your stomach clean and also to make them infection free.

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