Top 6 Places to Visit in Exuma

Top 6 Places to Visit in Exuma

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Visiting a place becomes more exciting when you find exotic places for sightseeing. When you are in the Bahamas, you can make some time and visit the Exuma Cay. Take a flight and flew away from your monotonous life to fill it with fun and oxygen. Travelling at offbeat places shows the adventurous self of yours and you can get the maximum adventure while you are in Exuma. Book the vacation rentals in the Exuma and spend few days in pure bliss. If you don’t look for luxurious restaurants or fashionable shopping spots, and if it is only about enjoying the natural ecstasy for few days, Exuma Cay is one of the best destinations you can head for.

Actually, Exumas is the island of the Bahamas that consists of 365 islands, locally known as cays. These cays are more or less uninhabited. So, if you are expecting for a lavish holiday, you are demanding more. But, nature is welcoming. The locals are there to help you out. And, you will be welcome at the hotels with warmth. What are the places at Exuma which can blow your mind and help to make lifetime memories? Read on to know more-

  • Staniel Cay

This is the most beautiful cays in Exuma. If you want luxurious restaurants or adorable beach shacks, this is the destination you should head for. While on one hand, there are few restaurants for an amazing dining experience, you can also get top-class dwelling place over there. Besides this, Staniel Cay is famous for the outstanding natural view. You can hire a boat from Great Exuma and enjoy the picturesque beauty of this cay. And when you are here, how can you forget Thunderbolt Grotto? Named after the famous James Bond movie, this grotto is a great place to swim. If you like water sports, this is the great place for snorkeling.

  • Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park

This is the first marine ‘replenishment nursery’ in the world. This was established in 1958. This vast land area is stretched around 283 sq km. This is the protected land of islands where fishing is strictly prohibited. You can’t even collect shells out of the water. Why visit this area? This is the biggest area where starfishes are kept reserved. You can go for diving here. While the colorful fishes and starfishes will cross you and touch your feet, you can get an out of the world experience.

  • Go to Major Cay

No this is not the biggest cay, but just the name of it. Whenever anyone plans to visit Exumas, the list of sightseeing must include this place. This place has the great white beach that creates an outstanding combination with turquoise-blue water. You can go for sun-soaking and snorkeling at this place. But, that is not the actual attraction of Major Cay for what people gather here every year. Have you ever seen swimming pigs anywhere around the world? Yes, here you can get to see the aquatic pigs that will swim to you in search of foods. Nobody knows the origin of these pigs or how they came to this island, but they have surely become one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Exuma. Take selfies with them, offer sandwich and peanut butter and pat them.

  • Go to Georgetown

This is the major attraction of Great Exuma and also the capital of the group of islands. The Government House, the jail and the post-office is located here. If you have a shopping spree, Georgetown won’t disappoint you. Go to the south, and you will find the famous Straw Market there. You can buy the Bahamian straw hats and other straw goods. Those are really adorable. Now, head towards the north and you will reach St. Andrew’s Anglican Church. Built in Georgian style, this white-stone building is the destination of peace lovers. The sanctity of the place will calm your mind. And when it comes about beauty, it is really unmatched to anything. Straddling on the Lake Victoria, this Church looks really scintillating. You can even go for snorkeling, diving, fishing and kayaking here. Also go for exploring new things here.

  • Visit Compass Cay

What do you think when you hear ‘Shark’? Don’t get panicked. If you are in Compass Cay, you can swim with sharks. Yes, you heard it right. It is true that the idea is not quite favorable, but when they are nurse shark, you can stay relaxed. Include this cay on your list of sightseeing and swim with nurse sharks. This will be a lifetime experience and you can get stories to tell your kids.

  • Stocking Island

Divers and snorkelers get attracted to this island because of Mystery Cave. This is a 400ft deep blue hole that starts 15ft below the surface. You can have amazing experience of snorkeling here. Besides this, the stretched white talcum beach is really wonderful to take sun-bath. If you want a quick day trip, go to Stocking Island.

These are only a few places you can cover in Exuma. As there are more interesting places here, it is impossible to cover it all. In search of rock iguanas, you can go to Allan’s Cay, while to localize and buy few essentials, Little Farmer’s Cay will be your destination. Plan ahead if you are visiting Exuma and book tickets to have a great holiday.

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